How to Save Time and Money as a Household

Large Capacity Washing MachinesLarge Capacity Washing Machines by Beko UK

‘I can’t remember the last time I saw the bottom of my laundry baskets’

For the last few weeks I’ve been reviewing Beko’s Large Capacity EcoSmart Washing Machine that can do a 9kg load in less 39 minutes!  I was able to do all of my laundry in the fraction of time and I can confirm that both of my laundry baskets are now empty and I’m managing to keep more on top of it.

Washing more in one go means that you have more time to do the stuff you love

If I’m honest I’m not a hundred percent sure how much 9kg is, but just imagine the weight of 9 bags of sugar.  Apparently it will wash 45 shirts, but we don’t own that many between us so I couldn’t test that out!


Save Money on your Energy Bills

As a family we are dreadful for wearing things once and then chucking them in the laundry basket.  This is especially true for my daughters pyjamas and school uniforms.  The clothes aren’t normally ‘dirty’ and just need to be freshened up hence why I like the ‘Quick Daily’ wash cycle.

It was incredibly easy to install and unlike our old washing machine it only requires a cold water feed.  We have now capped off the hot water feed.  Even though the drum is probably twice the size of our old one it slotted perfectly into the same dedicated space in the kitchen.

Beko Large Capacity Washing Machine
Larger drum but still fits into standard opening

Wash an Entire 9kg load in 39 minutes

When it first arrived I was a little intimidated by all of the buttons.  But it’s simple really.  All of the options are presets (e.g temperature, spin speed, time, etc).

Beko Washing Machine Settings
It’s simple really!


So, if you choose the Daily Quick wash it will run for 28 minutes at 30 degrees and spin at 1200 rpm.  However, you can also increase and decrease the spin using the + and – buttons if you like.

EcoSmart Washing Machine by Beko
A load in less than 30 minutes!

My Toweling Robe, which is very bulky, needed more than just ‘Quick Wash’.  In the past it would barely fit in the drum and I had to use force to get it in, but this time I found that it easily fit and I could chuck a few more things in with it as well.  I washed it on ‘A Class 40’ but increased the RPM to 1400 to get a bit more of the water out.

Spend less time doing laundry
For those slightly tougher jobs!
Beko Large Capacity Washing Machine
It’s a Tardis!

Automatic Half Load Programme

I was a bit stumped when I wanted to do a half load, I spent a few minutes looking for a smaller load button, but worked out that the washing machine automatically adjusts the amount of water by the weight of the loaded laundry.  Genius!

Silence is Golden

The Beko is also noticeably quieter than our old one.  In the past when our old one was running, especially when it hit the spin cycle, it sounded like it was going to take off, we had to close the kitchen door if we were trying to watch TV in the lounge and wouldn’t dream of putting it on before going to bed at night.

Here is the washing machine in action.  I could have put a lot more in but still need to retrain my brain that I can!

Overall, we really like the washing machine and it’s made a huge difference to keeping up on chores.  The only thing I would like to see is a way to control it via an app on my phone so I can turn it on when I’m out!

Disclosure: The washing machine, installation costs and delivery fees (£350) were compliments of Beko for purposes of this review.