How to Find the Right Save the Date Cards

With so many choices these days, people still manage to pick all the wrong stationery for their special events. How long do we spend really checking out the card we get in the post? One minute tops (more likely seconds) and then it gets tossed into the waste basket. So when brides-to-be start looking for perfect wedding save the date cards for the upcoming nuptials, the first question they should ask themselves is not how to pick out something very white, romantic and … well, boring. They need something to grab full attention of the recipients and make them run straight to their kitchen calendar and circle the date in scarlet.

Here are the three alternatives to traditional save the date cards that a newly engaged couple could consider (and their guests would love to get):

1. Cupcakes Save the Date Card


What better way to get the attention of friends than to present them with save the date cards featuring delicious cupcakes? It will help things if they are hungry when opening the envelope…Friends and family members will salivate at this prim bride and groom in cupcake form. It’s a truly satisfying design for food-lovers and can hint about the delicatessens waiting for the guests at the wedding party.



2. Bridal Shoe Save the Date Card


After a tiring day of being charming, this bride has kicked off her shoes in preparation for a night of romance… The glowing satin of the shoes paired with the single rose gives you a glimpse of an upcoming event almost making it real, as if it’s about to happen today (not a year from now). This provocative save the date card is a definite attention-getter.





3. Thailand Save the Date Card

A couple who’s throwing a wedding in a beautiful, warm climate would find this design ideal. A card featuring the calm sea and the white sands undoubtedly has the power to lure guests to a wedding! The azure sky as well as the inviting seat on a boat combine to make an appealing save the date card (and will look good on the fridge too).
No engaged couple wants to find their wedding invitation under a stack of bills, put aside to look at later, or even dumped in the round file. Save the date cards with a dash of flair are a must-have for couples who want to ensure their guests remember to slip on their fancy dress shoes and show up!


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Our Royal Wedding Street Party

I don’t live on one of the prettiest streets but it’s one of the friendliest by far.  The mums have a Facebook Group, we often meet for drinks and a take-away in the evenings, when a new baby arrives on the street everyone swarms to give them a warm welcome, you can often see people chatting in the street and we do have a street party every year.  However, this year was even more special.

The men on the street, started to filter out onto the street at 8 am to help hang the 350m of bunting, erect the bandstand and sort out the tables.  The party kicked off around 1pm.  We had a band, a cake baking competition, which a couple of woman who have lived on the street for 50 years judged, a hat decorating contest for the kids, a giant ‘flip-flop’ piñata, pin the tail on the Corgi and a burly ex navy officer painted the children’s faces along with a few of the young at heart adults!  But for the most part the kids just loved running loose in the street, it took me back to the 70s.

It was an absolutely brilliant day, a great chance to catch up with everyone and meet a few new people.  I can’t wait till the Jubilee next year!

Why do people hate Travellers so much?

Watching Big Fat Gypsy Wedding reminds me of when I first moved to the UK over 11 years ago.  Please bear in mind that prior to this I had no experience of travellers.  I was walking to the pub with my partner at the time; we had an open field behind our house.   I said ‘look there are some people camping over there’.  He immediately went ballistic.  I didn’t understand why, as I thought the whole idea of moving from place to place as a community sounded quite quaint.  Until they left, leaving a mess behind that the council and inevitably us to pay for the clean up.

I’m absolutely fascinated by the paradox between their strong morals (no alcohol or sex before marriage for the girls) and the ‘sleazy’, for lack of a better word, attire which stretches to spectacular wedding dresses.  I have to admit the provocative dancing, spray tanning six year olds and the ritual of ‘Grabbing’ made me very uncomfortable.

I’m a very curious soul and after the first episode spent a lot of time on the internet researching the history, ideals and way of life.  From what I read it all sounds very idyllic so why are they hated so much?  The hashtag #bfgw on Twitter is evidence of this.

From what I can work out there are true travellers and then there are those that masquerade as travellers, the latter being the ones that most people have experienced. Unfortunately, to date I’ve only had a few dealings with travellers and sorry to say neither of them were positive.  It reminds me of teenagers, many think they’re all horrible obnoxious creatures but this may be just because these are the ones we see terrorizing town and the quiet well behaved ones go unnoticed.

I had so many questions, so, I was pleasantly surprised on Tuesday night when @tinatubss appeared in my timeline.  We’ve been following each other for ages but I didn’t realise or had forgotten that she was a traveller.  She was very open to all of my questions and I do apologize to her for my lack of frontal screening or if it seemed insensitive at any point.  She taught me a thing or two.  Here are her answers to my questions.  I have her full permission to publish it and she is more than happy to take questions.

I have very strong links and beliefs.  I even look like a Gypsy.  My Gypsy name is Segonia, but my name is Christina now.

If you like reading buy Yellow on the Broom by Betsy White then the Sequels as you will love them.

We just have our own laws and that’s it.  Never ask questions just do as we are told.  My Daddy was a traveller.

I didn’t put my children to school and kept them home and they have done fantastic.

You’re right, they are under educated, but it’s what they choose, they are ignorant people but very interesting.

Have you seen my girls they’re amazing and very open minded through their upbringing.

but travellers have home educators who come to their vans.  It’s the law in this country!

I understand you, we moved a lot so schooling was difficult but I wanted them at home anyway.  Education is important definitely.

That’s why they hold them back so they don’t know any different and can’t choose.  It’s sad! :(

It’s difficult being a parent and deciding what is best.  I showed my kids all ways and walk and let them choose their direction.

Do you mean the programme unfair representation?  If so, it’s difficult because Scotland has load of travellers not Gypsies but…

People don’t understand the difference but it’s huge Gypsies are a minority, Tinkers are the Majority and travellers big in S/land

We are definitely watching Gypsies NOT travellers

Yes, very big, they hate each other, never camp near each other; they never ever go near each other.

I’m a traveller NOT a gypsy.  My daddy’s family were travellers.  So so so different from Gypsies, it’s an insult!

They have different beliefs totally, we work very hard and honestly and our children are everything to us J

Do read the book and it will be very clear how lovely our way of life is compared to the Gypsies.

People are ignorant and scared of us.  So, retaliate instead of asking us questions.

I have been living in a house for 3 years and hate it.  I’m buying a woodlands hopefully and live in a caravan again.

We have always worked as foresters and all the children worked too!  I pay all my taxes but use alternative therapy.

Only docs when I’ve tried everything else.  I love you asking!  We eat with the seasons also.  Eat what is growing now.

My children were home educated and Rudolf Steiner and state schools so they could integrate out with my beliefs.

I’m a great believer of letting children be heard from a very young and have their own choices and say and learn from that.

Some people thought my children were cheeky and rude but they were confident and very individual.  They’re amazing!

Ha ha you can’t live in a Caravan the local council evicted us out of our home, we live in a *HOUSE* yuk yuk yuk!

A big thank you to Christina for answering all my questions.  I would love to learn more about this group of people but I suspect the BBC won’t be focussing on them as it wouldn’t get the ratings!  Off to buy Yellow on the Broom.