Do you know any good Chick Flicks?

As there is very little chance I’ll ever be invited to another girlie movie night, as I moaned the entire time during Shopaholic, I’ve decided to have a Girlie Movie Night around my house in a couple of weeks and am looking for DVD suggestions.  Here is my list so far, courtesy of my Twitter friends.  Have I missed any?

  • The Proposal with Sandra Bullock (@clairey67, @atko, @EmmaC_73)
  • Remember Me or 27 Dresses (@MNTwilightMom)
  • The Holiday (@PennyAW)
  • French Kiss, Just like Heaven or Sweet Home Alabama (@DarkFridge)
  • Marley & Me, My Sister’s Keeper, (@flossiebella)
  • An Officer and a Gentleman, Terms of Endearment, The Goodbye Girl, or Green Card (@Winstonita)
  • Freaky Friday (@AndyBasildon)
  • Dirty Dancing (@ecjc, @Freesia13)
  • Pay it forward, City of Angels or Just Like Heaven (@blossom101)
  • Maybe Baby (@beachhut81)
  • In Her Shoes. Shall We Dance (@Freesia13)
  • Mama Mia, What Woman Want or Moulin Rouge (@AndyBasildon)
  • Brief Encounter (@Welshracer)

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