Can Your Hubby Plait Hair?

Easy 5-in-1 Hairstyle for Girls

I was searching YouTube look for easy girls hairstyles in an attempt to tame my daughter’s hair and I came across a tutorial that purported to be an easy ‘5-in-1 Easy Daddy Do’ pitched at stay at home dads, weekend dads or inept mums like me.

I watched the video and it seemed simple enough and only involved two simple plaits.  Then it got me thinking, could my husband plait hair?  I’m lucky if he gets her to brush her teeth when I’m not around.  But he spent a lot of time sailing and on boats so can tie knots, but could he do a simple plait.

So I set the challenge

I have to say I think he did a pretty good job for a first attempt.  As a mum I have an unfair advantage, I didn’t have my daughter till I was 35 and I’ve pretty much had long hair for most of my life so plaits are second nature.

Simple Plaits for Girls

Easy Hairstyles for Girls

And now that I know he can do it and with a bit of practice this could mean one less job for me.



5 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Little Girls

5 Easy Hairstyles for Little Girls

I’m crap at doing my daughter’s hair and it often resembles a burst mattress!  For the last two years running I’ve forgotten to even brush her hair on school photo day. I wouldn’t have bought the photos but parental guilt kicked in.

During the school year I don’t have time to be faffing around with hairstyles in the morning, getting dressed in time is challenging enough.  My repertoire didn’t go beyond putting it in a knotted ponytail.

As it’s the long weekend and as predicted it’s raining so we thought we’d spend a few minutes playing hairdresser trying out quick and easy hairstyles for little girls.

I don’t want her to get hung up on her hair but was looking for quick and easy ways to keep it out of her eyes when she is running around playing.

Please be gentle, as it was my first attempt but with a bit of practice, I reckon they would work but most importantly she loved them.

The pictures on the left are the inspiration and my daughter is on the right.

Simple Twist

How to tie up little girl's hair

This one is dead easy.  Simply twist the hair and clip into place.  Thanks to Girly Do‘s for the inspiration.

Classic Plaited Pigtails

Classic Plaited Pigtails

I love the simplicity and innocence of this one.  She still looks like a little girl.  Simply put hair into two ponytails and then plait.  Found at I know hair!

High Ponytail with Hairband

Ponytail with Hairband

Clip her fringe back.  Then using fingers, messily gather hair on top of her head and put in a ponytail.  Finish with a colourful hairband.  Perfect for keeping her hair out of her face while she is playing and learning.  Check out Latest Hairstyles for some fab inspiration.

Bunches of Colour

Bunches of Colour

This one probably made her yelp the most.  Simply start with one pigtail on her forehead and then progressively, in section, add more bunches.  Using multi-coloured elastics makes more dramatic.

Knotted Hair

Funky Knotted Hair

I can’t believe after all the time I spend trying to get the knots out of her hair I voluntarily put some more in??? Unfortunately, I ran out of little elastics, but as you can see if I carried on it would have been very effective.  There is a video tutorial at Girly Do’s Hairstyles.

I hope to slowly add more easy hairstyles.  Which one do you like best? Do you have any suggestions?


I wasn’t allowed to wear white as a child and now I can see why?

What mother in her right mind would let her daughter dress in white on Easter Sunday? Hmmm….let’s think about that; a day where kids can eat chocolate from the time they get up to the time they go to bed, coupled with chocolaty fingers and a very bad habit of using her clothes instead of a serviette.

Kids Online Fashion

To make matters worse we went on to the Annual Cadbury Easter Hunt at Ashridge Forest, we always have a great time, you get a map and clues to solve with an Easter Egg at the end but unfortunately, it was a mud bath this year.  It’s a flipping miracle the clothes weren’t ruined!


Outfit by

The Blue and White striped sweatshirt is Joules from Elfin Clothing (£27.95) and the white leggings (£12.50) are from Polarn O Pyret an all time favourite.


Luckily, they will live to see another day!

Disclosure:  both the top and trousers were complimentary




Big Flowers Tunic and Butterfly World

I always struggle when I shop for my 5 year old daughter.  When I hit the High Street I become increasingly frustrated with the tat that is on offer.  Why do retailers subject us to Hello Kitty?  Do people really buy it?  I’m always on a quest for good quality clothes, simplistic but still with a hint of style.

I tend to find myself, when shopping online, leaning towards Swedish Clothing companies for kids.  They seem to have just what I’m looking for; quality and style.  Two of my favourites are Polarn O. Pyret and Me & I.

I don’t mind paying a bit more for quality.

Last week, during school holidays we went to Butterfly World which is local to us.  Madame, insisted that she

“needed something bright to wear so that the butterflies would be attracted to her”

She chose the Big Flowers Tunic from Me & I.  Which made perfect sense, butterflies like flowers, right?

Girl's Big Flower Tunic

Another added bonus, when eating chocolate the tunic is rather forgiving and hides some of the mess.

Girls Online Fashion

With spring teasing us, I had a little play with putting together an outfit based on the Tunic.  This season calls for layering.  The jacket and shoes are from Vertbaudet, another favourite and the leggings are from Polarn.  However, it was a bit of a dream as the outfit would cost about £100 and I can’t justify spending that much on a 5-year old.  I’m not known for my fashion sense but what do you reckon?

Spring Fashion for Girl's

Disclosure:  The Tunic was compliments of Me & I.


Win a Girl’s Designer dress from Château de Sable

Designer Kid's ClothesWe received this gorgeous girl’s dress from Château de Sable, who offer a chic collection of French children’s designer clothes,  a couple of months ago.  My 5 year old has been desperate to wear it but as you know the weather hasn’t been very agreeable, which is an understatement, it’s been downright awful.  It came beautifully wrapped and would be a perfect gift.

However, this weekend is looking more promising, with temperatures up to 20 degrees forecast. I’ll believe it when I see it.

But in the meantime, we thought you may like the chance to win a ‘dress of your choice‘ (except for Christening) from the following list of dresses.

Click here to see the choice of dresses

Simply enter by using the rafflecopter form below.  A full list of T’s and C’s can be found at the bottom of the form.  Open to UK residents only aged 18+

This competition is listed on Loquax, Prize Finder and Competition Hunter.

Good luck!

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Disclosure:  Our dress was complimentary.