How did you tell your other half you were pregnant?

Parts of this may horrify some of you.  I never planned on having children and believed that the batteries in my biological clock were well and truly dead.  However, on Christmas Day 2006, after we drank our way through everything in the house including the duty free cupboard we got a bit carried away!

Late January, I knew in the back of my mind that I was pregnant (sore boobs, etc) so I went off to a chemists, one where no one would recognize me, and bought a pregnancy test.  I came home, peed all over my hand and to my great relief it was negative.  But, I knew it must be wrong, so off I went again to get another one and no big surprise this one was positive!

I was in utter shock and in my true fashion I wandered to the shop at the end of the road and bought 20 fags and 4 of the largest tins of beer I could get.  I then returned home smoked all the fags and drank all the beer and called my best friend in tears somewhere in the middle.  She managed to calm me down.

When hubby arrived home I had the fire going and made him sit down in front of it.  Then I presented him with a present…gift wrapped and all.  Inside were these:

It took him a moment, but he was over the moon and then……I passed out!

So how did you tell your other half?

Please note:  I did give up all this silly business during my pregnancy!

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19 thoughts on “How did you tell your other half you were pregnant?”

  1. I never done anything so cute, just sorta blurted it out each time . 2nd time was kinda funny as he was just sitting playing with our daughter (only 8months old at the time) and i walked in from a shower and said im pregnant…he was a little shell shocked i think lol

  2. hah! genius, that's an ace idea :). For me, The Boyfriend was hanging around the bathroom door hopping with excitement as I inexpertly weed on the stick, and while I was adamant there was no way I was pregnant, he pointed out the (faint) blue lines. He leapt around, I had to have a bit of a sit down. Yikes.

  3. hah! genius, that's an ace idea :). For me, The Boyfriend was hanging around the bathroom door hopping with excitement as I inexpertly weed on the stick, and while I was adamant there was no way I was pregnant, he pointed out the (faint) blue lines. He leapt around, I had to have a bit of a sit down. Yikes.

  4. Very funny, and just you! Chris and I decided to try for a baby and went down the ovulation stick route – too much information – but we knew when might be an idea to try – by minute and hour practically! Took about 3 months, which of course felt like 3 years! m I was working in Hatfield at the time, so after a dizzy spell in work nipped over to Asda for a pregnancy kit and proceded to the toilets. I was so excited it was positive I actually rang Chris from there – Asda Hatfield toilets hold a special memory for me.Second time round had called Chris home to mind children whilst I took J to hospital to investigate swollen wrists (or something, which was all fine), and as I sped off, wound down the window and window and shouted "by the way I'm pregnant"! Still remember his open mouth.When we got engaged we bumped into another QPR fan in town, Chris said are you going to tell Rod the news and I said rather excitedly "oh yes, I'm a Season Ticket holder now" oops! Blogging is very addictive, tearing myself away now!

  5. Awwww bless you! I'm afraid rather boringly mine was over the phone. I was 16 at the time, had just found out and knew I wouldnt be seeing my boyfriend all week as we lived opposite sides of London and I couldnt wait a week to tell him. When I found out I was pregnant last year (prior to the miscarriage) I told bf to wait in lounge and then I came out in shock and told him he had to check it because I didnt believe it! So he was there when I did it for that one!

  6. Bearing in mind that I peed on sticks, convinced I was pregnant, every month – My husband was at work, I was at home recovering from the flu. I did my monthly pee stick ritual, and then another, and another – I'd never seen 2 lines before! I called him and made him walk away from his desk for some privacy, and told him I thought I might be pregnant. "Why on earth do you think that?" said he. "Because I've peed on three sticks and they all say I'm pregnant" I said. I made him come home from work to check that my eyes weren't deceiving me (what a demanding wife!) and then I took my sticks off to the GP in a sandwich bag so she could check them for me too. It was a crazy, crazy, wonderful day.

  7. both times the in laws were there… for the pregnancy test- not conception I hasten to add. I too was convinced I was past it this last time and OH could hear this hysterical laughing from the loo, and found me grasping the little white stick. It wasn't hysterical laughter it was just hysteria, and my wonderful mother in law (yes they do exist) poured me a large brandy to calm down. It took me 2 months to calm down!

  8. I did my pregnancy test in the toilets at work. I was feeling really ill and knew something wasn't quite right so went and bought a test at lunch time, as we were all going ice skating after work I did the test before the coach picked us up. I've never ice skated before (or after) that time and I can remember clinging onto the rail so hard so I didn't fall over yet not wanting to not do it as I would have had a load of question to deal with. Telling my then bf didn't go too well, he dumped me instantly, but then he always was a muppet and despite the ice skating ordeal I had my lovely little girl all to myself 9 months later.

  9. That's what I always think, I have a wonderful little girl and he's missed out on her for the last 8 years, it's his loss and my gain!My partner and I are trying for a baby now, made slightly harder by geography – he's in Spain for work and I'm in the UK, so not the easiest way to get pregnant! I will be moving there eventually but would love to send him a card saying "Congratulations you're going to be a dad" or a cute little pair of shoes through the post if I'm lucky enough to fall pregnant on one of our trips to see each other before I move out there in the summer. This time around I will have all the support and love that I missed out on last time and I'm quite looking forward to experiencing that compared to going it alone last time.

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