I look like sh*t but…….

This is what I looked like the year before my daughter was born.

This is me two years on……

I look like sh*t but I’m HAPPY!

Author: mediocremum

A slightly older mum of one, who drinks far too much red wine and has an unhealthy obsession with her slow cooker. During the day she's an ICT Trainer, Social Media/Online Marketing consultant and does a bit of public speaking. Full Profile on Google+

23 thoughts on “I look like sh*t but…….”

  1. You look gorgeous! The Mummy look makes us all look gorgeous and glowy in a mummy kind of way, even with pasty skin, I think its because we air a vibe of confidence, happiness and contendedness with our lives :D

  2. i bet u look just fine! i doubt the photos are a fair comparison.i remember showing my wedding pictures to an (older) friend who said "you'll look back at these soon and be amazed you were so thin". i remember thinking "what a cheek!".But oh my god she was right! 2 children on, 1 stone heavier, but i'm too busy to care!http://marketingtomilk.wordpress.com

  3. That is so true…I now look back of photos of me in my twenties (when I worried about my weight) and would now give my right arm to look like that again!

  4. what a load of rubbish, you're gorgeous! and that shirt looks in a lot better knick thsan half the stuff I'm wearing right now. Happiness is what counts though, you are spot on there!

  5. Once upon a time I'd never have even imagined going outside without a full face of makeup. Now I scare the neighbours on the regular basis with my blotchy white face, dark-ringed eyes, and 'so light what's the point of even having them?' eyelashes.

  6. Ah, you look gorgeous now love, can't believe you used to be peroxide blond! Anyway, is that a wedding photo on the “before” shot?
    P.S. Shirt is more ironed than my clothes ever are.

  7. I think a happy mummy is about as gorgeous as you can get. Personally I've found the reverse. I looked like a tramp beforehand but now I feel proud to be a mummy so tend to make at least a tiny bit of effort. Also (and this is the big thing really) I now have female friends which I most certainly didn't before my baby girl was born so when I go out, I have to compete with other gorgeous mums you see! The guys at work wouldn't give a **** whether I looked great or not, but competitive mums have expectations!

  8. Just read ‘I LOOK LIKE SH*T BUT I am happy’ sitting here in a dressing gown my Mum gave me (very dodgy) my hair that has been cut to short, all sticking up, a sty on my eye, I can so relate! you have cheered me up this morning! Justine

  9. Maybe you shouldn’t blame your complexion,features,lank hair and general ordinariness on your innocent daughter and realise you aren’t bothered enough to make yourself at least presentable. Shape up or ship out.

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