Doggie Doo’s and Don’ts!

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I should preface this by saying I’m NOT anti-dog, nor do I think they should be muzzled, not allowed in public places and are just as important to people as children but if you can’t control it then it should be on a lead!  I grew up with dogs; we had everything from Maltese poodles to a St. Bernard named Angie, which I used to crawl all over.  Unfortunately, somewhere in my late twenties and early thirties I developed an irrational fear of them.  I don’t know if it’s the media or my days as a backpacker with rabid dogs.

This morning we were in a lovely green space, with a couple of friends.  A dog, not a large one, but a sinewy one, came racing towards us.  The owner desperately was trying to call it back but it didn’t listen.  You have no idea the level of fear I had….my first response is to run, but I didn’t, I just picked up Madame and then hid behind my friends, like a girl!  The gentleman was very apologetic, and I was polite but all I wanted to say was put the (insert swear word) dog on a lead!  In the end, I met the dog and it was absolutely fine but I think as a dog owner it’s your responsibility to keep it under control.

I’m doing my utmost to ensure that my daughter doesn’t develop this stupid fear and so far she hasn’t….I’ve allowed her to crawl all over a Newfoundlander.  She adores dogs and sadly has a dog lead for her toys but no real dog.  The only thing I’m trying to instil in her is that she always has to ask the owner before she approaches them.

I don’t know how many times I have seen dogs run at children in a playful way, but on too many occasions I have seen children in hysterics, and the owner always says don’t worry it’s okay.  Sorry, but it’s not okay…..the child is obviously terrified and forcing it isn’t going to help, it’s only going to exacerbate the problem.

Lets meet halfway….I won’t inflict my daughter on people who don’t like kids and if you can’t control your dog please put it on a lead.  Thanking you in advance.

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14 thoughts on “Doggie Doo’s and Don’ts!”

  1. Totally agree! A dog jumped up at Oli in the pram once , I was furious and all the owner could say was that the dog was friendly and wouldnt cause any harm. Oli smiled and actually liked it but what if it was different and the dog was jumping up to cause harm and Oli was afraid. I'm putting off getting a dog myself as I know I just wont be able to control a toddler and a dog!

  2. On one occasion, when we were on holiday, a dog was running wild on the beach jumping up on people…the owner thought it was hilarious. He finally got it under control. I quietly said thank you as I was scared of dogs then he said…..'well you shouldn't go out in effin public then!' Nice!
    When this happens…we should all take a moment and let the dogs meet the kids in nice, calm, controlled way. :-)

  3. I agree, I'm a dog owner and I love my dog. But it frustrates me when other people cannot get their dog under control. I've had a woman screaming at her dog to come back and it's just oblivious. Some of them can get snarly too particularly if it's another male and I'm on my own, as my dog's male and he looks to protect me – and it upsets me when they snarl, no matter how natural it is.

    The point about your daughter is a good one. I did have one moment a couple of years he'd had to have an operation and had a giant cone on his head and was only allowed up to the end of the road and back as he was recovering. A little girl who came nose to nose to him ran up to him and shoved her hand inside the cone to stroke him before I could stop her & as an owner I was terrified as he was hurt (the op was on his head so had a giant bandage around his head), that he would snap at her. In fact it was fine, he was so gentle with her and sat there and let her stroke him I needn't have worried. I'm always happy for children to stroke my dog but I think you're responsible to teach you're daughter to ask first. My dog's a softie but with lots of stitches the little girl could of tugged on something unintentionally and he would of grumbled and frightened her because he was in pain.

  4. I soooo agree with you. I'm fairly confident that 9 times out of 10 when a dog bites a child, it was probably provoked (poking eyes, pulling tail etc) so we should all apply a little common sense. Shouldn't laugh but when my sister was 5 she ran behind a dog that was eating it turned and bit her on the bum…she couldn't sit for a week and had to have a tetnus shot! It's never put her off dogs…she always has atleast 2 or 3!

  5. I don't mind dogs but if I have my children with me around a dog, I am always on high alert as not only can you not predict the dog's behaviour, you can't predict the child's either. Even a perfectly well behaved dog can be frightened of a suddenly loud or hyper child and naturally react in self defence.

    I was “jogging” (huffing and sweating and dragging my carcass along a footpath) when a spaniel came running over to be barking and snarling, the other day. I started to walk slowly and for the first time, became scared. I looked over to it's owner for help and the elderly gentleman just unsuccessfully called it back. I walked towards the owner as it was the direction I was travelling and the dog continued to snarl and bark at me. The owner said as I walked past “it's funny how they can tell if people don't like dogs.” Like some how, his dog's unacceptable actions were justified if I had preferred cats? I snapped and told him that I do in fact love dogs and have owned many, also that I this was the first time I have felt intimidated. I'm glad my children weren't with me at the time.

  6. I dont have a fear of dogs, but Maxi does. MIL has four little yappy things 2 lausoApsos a nd 2 shitzus and they scare him half to death. What really pee's me off is the people that bring their dogs to school and tie them up outside, too many dogs all barking nad then they bring them to the park where they are not allowed

  7. afternoon
    being a mum and having had a dog i can see your point
    Ever since the Children where little they have been taught to stand still if a strange dog approches them and to ask the owners if they wanted to say hello to a dog

    We would always put Bran on his lead when ever we meet other ppl when walking and only twice did he run off (chasing a deer) but soon learnt not to with training and love. If you have a dog that tends to go deaf get an extendable lead. they are then under control but not yanking your arm out the socket but also give them a bit of space. Bran was always made to sit when ever kids were around , as not everyone is comfy around dogs
    In Parks it is always better to be safe than sorry so dog on lead means happy campers all round

  8. As a child I had a fear of dogs, (funnily enough I was talking to my Best mate whilst cycling 54 miles yesterday about this lol) when I was a toddler I was knocked over by my grandparents dog, I dont remember it, now I'm older I believe alot of my fear came from my parents and them trying to keep me away from them and telling me they were dangerous and such. Its so easy for us as parents to put our fears onto them.
    I <3 dogs now and will be getting my own very soon hopefully!

  9. So true…hence my efforts to avoid doing this….she has absolutely no fear at all. Just wish she wouldn't charge at them! :-) This hasn't stopped us getting a dog we just don't have the time and energy that they need.

  10. I was badly bitten as a child so have a more than healthy fear of dogsnnOne that was rather reinforced last year when next door farmer's dogs got loose on our land and killed off my chickens – fortunately Toddlergirl was out of the way but I worry since they can't control them what could have happenednnNext time I'm calling the police / getting the gun out

  11. I was badly bitten as a child so have a more than healthy fear of dogs

    One that was rather reinforced last year when next door farmer's dogs got loose on our land and killed off my chickens – fortunately Toddlergirl was out of the way but I worry since they can't control them what could have happened

    Next time I'm calling the police / getting the gun out

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