Hands Off The Bump

I saw one of these shirts on a heavily pregnant woman today at Sainsbury’s and wish I had one when I was pregnant!

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I’m not a touchy feely person to begin with, so it used to make my skin crawl when people, without asking, would rub my tummy.  Do they think it’s good luck??  I’m not a Buddha.  I have a fascination with bald heads but I’d never sneak up on someone and give it a good slap!  Would you risk your limbs and stroke a snarling Rottweiler? They’re pussycats compared to a hormonal pregnant lady.

Then to make it worse they’d always start telling me horror stories about giving birth (number of stitches, days in labour, complications, etc)!  Not really what one wants to hear when the baby is coming one way or another.   In hindsight though, they scared the hell out of me so badly, I expected the worst and I was pleasantly (wrong choice of words I know) surprised.  I was one of the lucky ones!

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4 thoughts on “Hands Off The Bump”

  1. I am on my 3rd baby now and only one person aside from my husband touched my bump, I don't what people think when they do it! I just put my hand on hers and rubbed it :D

  2. People always used to comment on how big my bump was and ask if I was having twins – the cheek! People seem to think they can make personal comments about you if your pregnant, you become public property !

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