What makes you cry?

I pride myself on being a tough cookie and I rarely ever cry.  I know some think this is unhealthy but it’s the way I roll; in my family it’s a sign of weakness.  We’re the kind of people who just get on with things.  I have well refined techniques for stopping floods of tears, especially if it’s during tear jerking movies.  It’s usually a stern internal dialogue, that goes something like this ‘sort yourself out woman!’

I’m sitting here now trying to remember the last time I cried.  Just give me a minute.  Oh yes, I cried when my dad died, but that was over 10 years ago.  I must have cried since then?  I didn’t cry when my in-laws died in June this year.  Oh, now I remember, I cried when my cousin, who is the same age as me, died about 3 years ago after losing a long battle with liver disease.

However, if I ever have a quiet moment alone (usually when I’m driving), there are things that can almost instantly make me well up.

I won’t be able to give this justice, but when I think back to my in-laws joint funeral in July it almost always brings me to tears.  It wasn’t the arrival of two hearses, nor two coffins, nor the service, nor the music, or the support of friends but when I remember my husband on that day it nearly brings me to tears.  I have a vivid memory, while we were waiting for his parents to arrive, of him standing in the distance in the beautifully manicured rose gardens,  wearing a suit, with his head hanging, hands-in pockets.  He looked like a lost little boy…..

I’m starting to well up again!  For Christ sake woman sort yourself out!

What makes you cry?

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12 thoughts on “What makes you cry?”

  1. I am your polar opposite and cry at the drop of a hat (where does that expression come from hmmm), in fact I have already cried twice this morning. Once reading about a local retired teacher’s laptop found to have thousands of images of children on it, and secondly hearing about a reception child complaining to her mum about another little boy touching her *there*! The tears don’t actually help either of these situations, but there I go again, three times and its 9.15am! I cry through frustration, anger and laughter, your ultimate cry baby, but hey thats me, and hey thats you! Next time you feel yourself “sorting yourself out”, give me a call, I’ll do the leaky eye thing for you if it helps!
    Just looked up the expression by the way “the expression alludes to the American frontier practice of dropping a hat as a signal for a fight to begin”.
    And now back to work, I have an Ofsted inspection next week *blubbs*

  2. I am the complete opposite! I cry over every little thing – it would actually be harder for me to think of a day when I didn’t cry to be honest! I’m such a big softie!

  3. I’m like you. I dont cry. Simple. I hate to cry. I dont know why I just dont like it. I did far too much of it in my teens and for the past two years or so I’ve barely shed a tear. I can want to cry and just cant. The only way I can is if something really hits me hard like a death or something like when I lost my oldest friend aged 19 this year but other than that I’ve barely cried. Although I’ll admit recent events have worn me down and I’ve come close to tears.

  4. I never used to cry, then my Son died. Any small thing makes me well up now, even a romantic dance on strictly can bring on a tear or two!!

  5. I cried last night at Glee! I would never cry in public, I even fought back the tears at my granddads funeral, as crying was a weakness in my family. If I did cry, it would be in my own company. But now I seem to well up or cry very easily just about anywhere and thankfully I do, I generally feel much better for doing so.

  6. I cry in private, I cry when I'm alone and can give into the whole snotty sobbing thing

    The image of your husband made me well up, not least because I suspect that he may have felt like an abandoned small boy at that moment

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