Ski Holidays for the Family

Yes, this is a sponsored post but it’s a genuine question.  A group of our friends are going on a Ski Holiday in Austria in Feb and have invited us along.  This particular group of friends are a great laugh but the majority of them don’t have kids.  However, they’ve always been brilliant with our daughter.  In fact, she thinks one of them is her second dad but that’s a whole different story.  There is one couple going who have a daughter but they’ve managed to find care for her for the week, lucky so and so’s!  However, this isn’t an option for us.

The idea would be that our friends would stay in the main hotel partying till silly o’clock and we would get something self-catering nearby and possibly take turns joining them at night.  Originally, I discounted it straight away but after seeing how much Madame enjoyed her ski lesson a couple of weeks ago I’m now toying with the idea again.

I’ve never been skiing in Europe nor have I ever been skiing for more than a day at a time.  When I was growing up in Canada we’d just drive up to the ski hill in the morning which was only 45 minutes away and would return in the evening.  The thought of skiing for a whole week sounds like it could be hard work.

I’ve also spoken to another friend who has taken her 3 year old skiing and she raves about it.  She said ‘if you’re inclined, the crèches/ski schools are so good that you don’t even have to see your kids all day if you don’t want to!’  Not sure if I’d be up for that but the option is tempting.

The last thing we need to consider it the cost.  I haven’t quite worked it out yet but a week for the 3 of us isn’t going to be cheap (hotel, flights, food, drink, lift passes, equipment).  Would I be better off killing two birds with one stone and investigating Ski holidays in Canada so I could combine it with wwvisiting family?

So, my question to you is ‘have you ever been skiing with a 3 year old and if so, would you recommend it?’

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4 thoughts on “Ski Holidays for the Family”

  1. I don’t mean to be an arse about this, but why have kids if you want to go on holiday and not see them all week? What ever happened to taking joy and pleasure from spending time with your kids? Make me wonder why some people ever procreate.

    1. Exactly, we wouldn’t dream of doing it but would put her in ski school cause she would love it but would probably just be morning s and then we would spend the rest of the day with her.

  2. As you know we live in BC, the mountain is a 3 hour drive away so for us we have to do a weekend as a day is too much. We started going when the boys were 9 and 6 and our daughter was 3. She hated it, as she was col, and couldn’t move in the layers of clothes! There is still a fair bit of hanging around for them in ski school. By the age of 4/5 it was so much better and she is now a better skiier than me at the age of 8!
    Skiing is hugely expensive, and if you are not there with other families that would be weird. Do you really want to sit there babysitting on your own every other night?
    I have been skiing in France when I was 20 and much prefer it over here where it is truly beautiful.
    Just my opinion…

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