The Gruffalo Live!

At the beginning of the week my daughter developed a fear of monsters.  I have no idea what triggered it.  Apparently, the monster comes out of her mirror and goes up the chimney.  My daughter isn’t a delicate soul and not many things frighten her, which can be worrying to us at times.  She will run up to strange dogs, has fallen out of trees and has no concept of stranger danger.  However, when I went into her room earlier in the week she was physically shaking so I removed the mirror.  Luckily, in the morning she asked to have it put back.

So, it probably wasn’t the best week to go and see the Gruffalo Live in the West End.  I was a bit nervous of taking her as I didn’t want to scar her for life but she absolutely loved it and so did I.  The performance is 55 minutes long, perfect for little ones.   It’s a 3 person show, obviously re-enacting the much loved children’s story but with songs and humour interjected.  My favourite character was the party animal snake.

I was relieved that she didn’t get frightened when the Gruffalo appeared.  I think the fact that his face wasn’t covered by the costume helped. I can now explain to her that the monster isn’t real and just a person.  Her fear of monsters seems to have disappeared for the time being.  Phew!

The Gruffalo is playing at the Garrick Theatre from the 24th Nov-16th January and tickets can be purchased by calling the Box Office on 0844 412 4662.

Disclosure:  Our tickets were complimentary

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7 thoughts on “The Gruffalo Live!”

  1. Love the Gruffalo. Would like to see it but I think an ultra cool 10 year old is too old to come with me. I need to borrow a small child!

  2. We went to see the Graffalo earlier this year and as devote fans of the book we were REALLY disappointed.

    However, if you get the chance do see Room on the Broom. Completely different beast and really well staged.

    Becca x

    1. Very interesting and come to think of it, it was our first Children’s show so we have nothing to compare it too. May try to see Room on a Broom and report back!

  3. I almost booked to see Room on the Broom here in Stoke on trent last month but the review wasn’t very good, they said they wwere dissapointed that nothing left the ground at all throughout the whole performance!
    My Grandaughter loves The Gruffalo, we watch the TV version I recorded last Christmas every time she visits and she follows it in the book. So I think if it does come ‘up north’ I will take her and see for ourselves rather than listen to the reviews!

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