Shopping for Little Girls!

To my shear shock and horror Madame asked me to buy her some dresses last week.  I’m not a girlie girl and usually dress her in jeans and t-shirts, which explains why the first few years of her life she was always mistaken for a boy and having a boy’s name doesn’t help either.

Once I’d calmed down and came to the conclusion that a couple of dresses wouldn’t do her any permanent harm, we hit the shops to try and find some non-frilly dresses.  That’s sounds a lot easier than it was.  I don’t know why all girls dresses have to be frilly, have kittens on them or practically say ‘I’m Sexy’!  She picked up a hideous pink, frilly, shiny one with a big satin flower on it!  Barf! I think I might have said ‘over my dead body’! We abandoned the mission and went home empty handed.

Plan B, I hit Google with credit card in hand, with the help of the lovely @lexxclarke.  It took some going, but we managed to find a selection of non-frilly, practical dresses (Next, Vertbaudet, Woolworths and The White Company).  What do you think?  The red one is a bit ‘cute’ for my liking but….

I do hope manufactures of children’s clothing is taking notes!

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5 thoughts on “Shopping for Little Girls!”

  1. I have so much trouble as Tweeva gets older finding nice simple dresses that aren’t #bigfatgypsywedding or logo’ed or pimped in some way and usually end up buying Boden or Minimode at Boots. She does like a frill though.

    Those dresses look great.

  2. I almost totally shop on the internet – Boden (always with a discount code), White Company (only in the sale) plus the occasional nice place I’m directed to by Twitter friends

    I pride myself that they may wear dresses but my girls never look girly girly

  3. Its a bit frightening that some stores think its acceptable to sell “sexy” clothes for little girls. Incidentally, I like your dresses, particularly the red one.

  4. As has been said, boden is expensive but really good choice and quality, the stuff lasts ages weve found.
    In my experience you end up paying more for non trashy clothes. Joule has nice stuff as well, as do Zara.
    Mothercare also has some good bits

  5. I have the same problem. My daughter also has a boys name and I’m sooo not a girly girl. Our favourite winter outfit is shorts with tights, preferably stripy tights!

    She does own some dresses but they definitely aren’t the pink frilly variety *shudder*

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