Whites or Darks?

I know we’ve had this conversation before but I can’t remember the outcome.  When I’m sorting laundry into whites and darks things that are striped stress me out completely.  Do I put them in with whites and pray they don’t bleed onto all my white’s turning them a light hue of pink, blue or grey or do I put them in with darks and hope the white stripes stay white??

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14 thoughts on “Whites or Darks?”

  1. I love this post. I wouldn’t do any of the above. I’d put in a white load, a dark/blacks load and then a coloured load (greens, blues, purples etc.) and I would put the stripes in the coloured load.

    Unless of course that it’s beige and white stripes – they’d go in a white wash.

    If something’s monochrome, it would depend on where I’d bought it from. I sometimes wash them separately xx

  2. so with you on this one. I think it depends on my mood though – when feeling a bit wild (oh yeah) I chuck ’em in with whatever load’s going next. On more thoughtful days they go on their own. My life’s really exciting.

  3. I just shove everything in together all in one wash, whites, darks you name it. I’m so rebellious in my housework.

  4. Your washing machine has a temp guide and clothes have labels with what temp to wash them on and that is how I sort the loads if I have something new and not sure if colours will run I hand wash it. With the boys playing sport I have to use bio powders (grass and mud removal) which means I can wash at lower temps which does reduce chance of things running

  5. Whites, darks, light coloured, brights is how I sort my laundry but there are 5 of us. For you I’d suggest white, dark and a mixed coloured load, otherise you’d ahve to wait a while to have a full load as there are only 3 of you. Stripes I always count as colours, reds and pinks I wash together or seperate the first few times. Yellow is the colour I’m never sure about! #OCD alert!!

  6. Stripes should be sorted with dark clothes. When mixing it with white clothes, the colors may get messed up. Then again, they can also be sorted separately, it may take some time, but the white color in the stripe will stay white. In the end, the decision is always up to you.

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