Whites or Darks?

I know we’ve had this conversation before but I can’t remember the outcome.  When I’m sorting laundry into whites and darks things that are striped stress me out completely.  Do I put them in with whites and pray they don’t bleed onto all my white’s turning them a light hue of pink, blue or grey or do I put them in with darks and hope the white stripes stay white??

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Folding Laundry Fun!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to put something together for the Vlog Competition ‘Teach Us Something’ but had a look at some of the entries and found this one. It’s so cool!  You have to check it out!

How to Make Folding Laundry More Fun by @pippad

@elladickson and I had to have a go this afternoon. We had a blast!  (Note children being ignored).  Ella reckons it’s going to be her new party trick.  I wouldn’t recommend using long sleeve shirts!

I’ll definitely be voting for @pippad on Thurs and Friday when the voting opens at Café Bebe!