Monster rearing it’s ugly head!

The monster has reared his ugly head again in our house but this time it’s in the toilet.  A few months back we had a problem with Madame developing a fear of the little buggers in her room at night but with the help of a monster detector and a few nightlights I thought we’d cracked it.

It took me a while to work it out this time.  Every time she was going to the loo she’d stick her head in the bowl first and shout ‘Peek-a-boo’, I didn’t think much about it and thought ‘bless’ isn’t that cute.  It wasn’t until she started having accidents again after being toilet trained for nearly a year.  She would go into the bathroom ask to be left alone and then would proceed to wee herself, poor thing.

My poor judgement and badly timed sense of humour has only exacerbated the situation and I’m now busy trying to undo the damage.  I persuaded her to go into the loo and sit down, but I don’t know what possessed me, but as she started to tinkle I said ‘be careful not to poo on the monsters head!’  She jumped about ten feet in the air and ran straight out of the bathroom.  I must admit, I laughed hysterically, with tears streaming down my face.  Yes, I’m a bad mum.

Needless to say we have had to resurrect the potty.  I’ve also tried a few of the techniques suggested on twitter.  I purchased some special monster killer (aka Pink Domestos), luckily she can’t read yet and pour it in the toilet before she goes.  Unfortunately now, according to her, they’re running around the living room, crafty bastards.

I love her vivid imagination, but don’t like to see her genuinely scared.  Hubby and I disagree on one point.  He keeps telling her monsters don’t exist; I genuinely believe she is seeing something and trying to persuade her they’re friendly.

How have you banished monsters from your house??


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6 thoughts on “Monster rearing it’s ugly head!”

  1. We’ve not had monsters yet in this house, an imginary cow yes but not monsters so not a monster expert but we’ve gone for accepting that they are real to the small person and so we have to deal with them as if they are real (yes even when the cow in question follows us on holiday and sets up a tent in the garden…) and talk about them and deal with the worries

    Good luck, perhaps monsters could get tired and need to sleep out in the shed?

    1. Funny you mentioned cows…she said she came down the other night and there was a little one running around the lounge…it does take all my powers to not laugh sometimes.

  2. Pink Domestos was a great idea. My 7yo spent the last 6 months terrified of a “Peasant” being in our back garden. We have no idea where this fear came from. She couldn’t describe it to me so I got her to draw a picture – she drew a man in an orange raggedy dress (a bit like Fred Flinstone) who would shake a green snake at her outside her bedroom window. Of course I kept the picture! But she was petrified, even though she knew herself that it was irrational. But ever since, the routine of her bedtime has become very important to her. We were a bit worried when we started camping this year, it case the fear followed her, but luckily it seems that Peasants only like our back garden…

  3. We had a monster once till I blasted it with magic dust. I cant remember how old my daughter was but filling a clear spray bottle with water and adding glitter worked. The glitter only every stayed in the bottle so you don’t get glitter everywhere but a quick shake to make it magical and sprayed the offending window frame and poof monster couldn’t come in.

  4. Thankfully monsters don’t often raise their nasty heads in our household (maybe mummy monster on occassions), so hav enot had to deal with the fear factor yet. However, yesterday we were making pizzas with the kids and they decided that the peppers (which were cut large- …monster sized?) were, in fact, monsters. So all peppers got clustered onto one pizza, we baked them and laughed as we ate them. …maybe worth a try if the fear is real?

    (PMSL at the loo incident… I do have to bite my tongue so often not to say something like that!)

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