Lies we tell our kids!

As parents we’re not always perfect and at times are pushed to be creative with the truth; eg. Telling them the park’s closed, sheep are wooly pigs and that wine is ‘Mummy’s Brain Juice’.  What’s the worst/best thing you have ever told your kids?  Feel free to add them to the comments section.

Here are a few gems from my lovely twitter friends.


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8 thoughts on “Lies we tell our kids!”

  1. I told mine waste disposal was a monster and if they didn’t eat their tea I would feed it to monster, when monster had enough food to grow big it would eat them. didn’t work tho if they had had enough they used to say give it to the monster!

  2. Hah great idea for a post. The ice cream van one made me laugh as thats what my Husbands Dad used to tell him….so mean.

    Mine are still pretty young so not many lies in this house. They do however, think crisps and chips are just for grown ups and I turn my daughters groclock to start the day later at the weekend so we can enjoy a sneaky lie in 3 x

  3. These definitely made me laugh! I’m also taking note of these! The only ones I have heard of is the policeman taking naughty children away and the carrots helping you to see in the dark!

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