Surviving School Holidays in St Albans

As it’s school holidays, I’m just been reminding myself of things to do with kids in or near St Albans.  Thought it may be of interest to you as well.

Heartwood Forest – in Sandridge.  Over the next 12 years the Woodland trust is going to be putting this forest back to its former glory.  To date they have planted over 300,000 trees.  However, there are still 4 areas of ancient forest left which are great for Den Building and the Bluebells are in full bloom.

Kite Flying Dunstable Downs – On the road to Whipsnade Zoo.  You can buy a kite for about £8 in the gift shop if you don’t have one.  Dress up warm!

Butterfly World – people have mixed feelings about Butterfly World.  I personally love it but I’m fully aware that it’s a work in progress, the Dome isn’t built yet and there is just one small house of butterflies.  We love running around the gardens, the playground is brilliant and check out the Ant house.  In April, entry is only £5.  Bring a lunch to keep costs down.

RAF Museum Hendon – I’m not a plane enthusiast but it’s a great day out for the kids and it’s FREE, well except for the parking.  There is a place indoors that you can bring a packed lunch.

St Albans South Signal Box – this may sound dull but I promise you it’s very interesting.  It’s free, the gardens are lovely and you can get a cuppa.  Next Open Day is Sunday 8th of April 2012.

And a few other random free things to do with kids in or near St Albans.


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3 thoughts on “Surviving School Holidays in St Albans”

  1. You could get the kids involved in a project to create a yearbook for their school. It’s a great way of celebrating an event (such as a sports day or school trip). It promotes collaboration as children can work in small groups and encourages friendships.

    You can download the software to create the yearbook free of charge; you only need to pay if you want to get it printed. Yearbooks are a brilliant way of getting your children’s work published. They will feel so proud to see their work in a professionally printed book! This will surely keep them quiet for a few hours in the holidays…

  2. Wow thanks for this. I’m based near St Albans and am constantly looking for activities to keep my son busy. This is a great list, and just in time for half term. Phew!

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