My Friday Five: Quick Games to Play with Kids

Here a small handful of games you can play with your kids when they’re bugging you to do something with them, you can’t be arsed getting the craft box out and dinner will be ready in 5 minutes.

  1. Rock Paper Scissors – I successfully taught my five year old, although she does have a tendency to cheat.  Remember, paper covers rock, scissors cut paper and rock smashes scissors.  We don’t include dynamite.
  2. Sofa Statues – one person sits on the sofa, with a straight face the other person attempts to make them laugh.  This usually results in a lot of tongue poking, bum waggling and really bad jokes.
  3. Sausages – take turns asking each other questions (e.g  What do you clean your ears with?) you’re only allowed to answer ‘sausages’.  If you laugh, you lose.
  4. Guess the letter – take turns writing letters on each other’s backs with your finger and the other person has to guess which letter sound.  It’s great if your child is learning phonics.
  5. Shoe Tying – take your shoe off and give it to your child to practice tying.  This is something I need to do more of as Velcro seems to put this skill off till later and later.

Do you have any quick games that you play with your kids?




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One thought on “My Friday Five: Quick Games to Play with Kids”

  1. We play ‘creeping croccies’; a variation on ‘what’s the time Mr Wolf’ but with lots of exuberant snapping crocodile noises as well!

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