Win a Baghera Pedal Car for Christmas (RRP £149)

Retro Pedal Car

How gorgeous are these retro 1930s pedal cars?  Imagine your child’s face if they found one of these under the tree on Christmas day courtesy of the RAC.  It’s the perfect gift for children aged 3-6.

Timings are tight but we will endeavour to get it to you by Christmas.  Competition Closes Wed 19th Dec 2012.

For a chance to win one in a colour of your choice (Red, Blue or Pink) enter by simply using the rafflecopter form below.

Competition is open to UK residents only due to postage.  Full terms and conditions are included in the form below.

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Good luck!

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156 thoughts on “Win a Baghera Pedal Car for Christmas (RRP £149)”

  1. Not so much a gift…but memorable Christmas would be when we spent it in Florida and went to see the DisneyWorld Christmas Parade!

  2. My best Christmas present i got on the 29th of November 2012 my Grandson who was born By C section xx

  3. most memorable present was my 1st xbox years ago because when i opened the present it was just a controller and i thought aw how funny ive not got an xbox! then my family brought through the xbox was a big surprise.

  4. A Bacon Crisper Tray for the microwave….but I make a really good bacon sarnie the real way!?

  5. 2001 When I drove across Austral on my own. It was bliss to be in the outback in the middle of now where over the Xmas period with no sign of Xmas in sight.

  6. 2001 When I drove across Australia on my own. It was bliss to be in the outback in the middle of nowhere over the Xmas period with no sign of Xmas in sight.

  7. memorable but not in a good way, my ex bought me the complete collection of tolkien books, and i don’t just mean the lord of the rings ones or even the hobbit. 24 books in total detailing the history and even the lineage of teh bloody dwarfs. Worst Christmas present ever, especially seen as I already owned the Lord of the rings set.

  8. My first ever Tiny Tears doll, she actually drank and weed her nappy, now that was good 30 years ago for a doll lol

  9. I got the big Sindy house when I was 9. It was almost as tall as me, I also received a pair of red Pixie boots that I had been coveting too. In terms of presents received no Christmas has ever matched it!

  10. a parrot… my parrents got me and my sister Rocky… was not expecting it sooo was very happy if a little shocked

  11. A dolls house my father had made with all the furniture, apparently it took him from August to get it all made he finished 2 days before Christmas, I still have it a treasure it ready for my children to have many hours of fun

  12. A Big Box that looked very exciting until i opened it to find various items of rubbish wrapped up including an empty toothbrush tube , stuck to the bottom of the box was a list of clues to find my actual present but i was really browned off by now and could’nt be bothered !

  13. mine had to be keys to my first car. It was just a small box with the key in. The car was a bit of an old banger..but it was mine xxx

  14. my house, boyfriend sorted out the whole thing, i didnt even have to go house hunting, he did all the legal work and paid the deposit…still living there 15 years later.

  15. the night before christmas book, my dad always read it to me as a child so he brought it for me to read to my children

  16. I will never forget the Ann Summers sexy outfit my hubby gave me for Christmas in fron of the whole family. So embarrassed I had to hide it from my nanny!

  17. My partner bought me a puppy last weekend as an early xmas present! I have a feeling that will always be my most memorable xmas gift!

  18. I get the best Xmas present every year as me and my sibling (all six of us) go with our families to our Mum & Dad’s house with our own families to exchange gifts and eat dinner.

  19. Some Disney books with pictures of all the films and the characters (up to the late 80’s) , this was as a child & I still have them now. Beautiful books.

  20. My most memorable Christmas present was a rag doll with a plastic face and the mos gorgeous blond hair. Her name was Victoria Rose and I remember her wearing a black velvet dress with a pure white petticoat, she was the most beautiful doll in the whole world.

  21. My favourite xmas present came when i was 10, my grandparents asked me and my sister what we wanted most for xmas and we said bacon sandwiches, so they bought us both a loaf of bread, a pack of bacon and a heinz ketchup!! Best gift ever!!

  22. I got a huge trampoline one year….Was set up in the living room with all my presents on it….I loved it….Even ate my christmas dinner on it….lol

  23. My most memorable Christmas gift was a ZXSpectrum console in the 80’s! Couldn’t believe I got one. It was the iPad of that year!

  24. My best present was my mum and dad brought me a camera, not only have I been able to take photos of my family, taken it to events and been able to make my blog pretty. It has been a pretty amazing gift. x

  25. My best present was my dad building a chimney and fireplace for me to hand my stocking and Santa Claus to come down. He did the fireplace the week before Christmas so I wouldn’t be upset and then finished the rest of it in the spring!! I was only 4 so I thought this was the best thing!!

  26. Most memorable present was a record player with Slade Merry xmas everybody as the first single. We never had one in the house until then.

  27. My Dad once gave me a cardboard box with a record player painted on it because he said he couldn’t afford to buy me a real one, but would get me one in the January sales. After pretending i wasn’t disappointed he then showed me a real one, my first ever record player which he had saved hard to get me.

  28. a box of wax crayons in 64 different colours. The same year, my parents had bought me a beautiful dolls house but I was so thrilled with the crayons I ignored it!

  29. Ooo this is a stunning prize. My most memorable present was a stereo enclosed in a huge coke can it kind of acted like a coke Cabinet. You opened the two doors of the giant can and there was the stereo and the speakers on the inner side of the doors.

    I loved it.x

  30. My best Christmas present ever was a Tri Ang sledge in 1962! Anyone old enough to remember the winter of 1963? It snowed on Christmas night and there was still snow on the ground at the end of April. My sledge saw me through my childhood, our daughters through theirs and now our Grandson will play on it in their Peak District village

  31. A really big Giant Panda soft toy, which was at the foot of my bed one Christmas morning! :-)

  32. a little pottery figure of my sons that he wrapped up and gave me when he was 2, because I had said I thought it was lovely he decided it was the best thing he could give me and no amount of persuading by my husband could change his mind

  33. My most memorable present was when I was a child. Money was tight, and one Christmas Santa left me a dozen brand new books. I still love the smell of new paper and ink, and the feel of a book that no-one else has ever opened.

  34. Mine would have to be my wooden dolls house i was 6yrs old and remember unwraping it I run round the house like a crazy kid for ages and was to scared to play with it for nearly 3months incase I ruined it lol.

  35. an upright piano when I was 10. It was old and it was a bit “honky tonk” but it was great to get me started

  36. I received a toy sewing machine from Santa when I was six years of age, it never worked very well and tangled up the cotton but I was over the moon with it.

  37. A pair of mens slippers size 10, and a pair of mens pyjamas complete with drawstring etc. – and these were from my hubby lol

  38. I was discussing this with my sister recently. My best ever present was a pink mountain bike. My mum brought us up on her own and we didn’t have much money so I was convinced I wasn’t going to get what I really wanted. When I saw that bike I was elated!

  39. Don’t care if it sounds cheesy lol but just having my family at christmas is the most memorable Christmas present.

  40. i will always remember my first dolly when i was small. She came in a beautiful box and i still have her now. I will keep it forever.

  41. my first grandson arrived on the 23rd December last year, cana’t ask for anything more than a happy healthy baby

  42. My barbies and all accessories, like shoes, boots etc, all the things that you cant get anymore.

  43. **Paul Daniels Magic set! I still remember the smile on my face when I unwrapped it! Best gift ever! **

  44. A set of leather luggage, quite old and battered now but I like things that are well loved and well worn…. or so I keep telling the other half!

  45. I remember getting my first trike when I was four. My mum hid it behind the couch and I remember being in shock because I had already opened all my presents. Ive still got pictures of that Christmas and on every one Im sat on that trike!

  46. An Easel and chair when I was small with the words love from Santa written on the paper left on the easel.

  47. Mine would be the most amazing ear muffs ever! They keep me warm throughout the winter and they are sooo pretty!

  48. Memorable for a good reason : Speak and Spell, I was a mini geek, loved it.
    Memorable for not so good a reason : Individually wrapped laundry tablets and clothes pegs.

  49. A lovely Swarkorvski necklace…..not bad considering hubby usually buys me something he wants!

  50. It was a little plastic pushchair that looked like a ladybird when i was about 4! I loved it and kept it for years


  51. My most memorable Christmas present was my “Mum” necklace the first year I was a mummy :)

  52. For all the wrong reasons, Gary Glitter’s Greatest Hits.
    From my sister. O.o

    Other than that, I have gone completely blank…that can’t be good…

  53. My most memorable Christmas present was a chest thing fillied with tiny bars of chocolate. You needed 2p to get each bar out and my sister and I had hours of fun finding 2ps and eating the treats!

  54. my mum got me a bike from the neighbours older daughter who had grown too old for it . i didnt care if it was second hand i loed it it was my first big girl bike ! it had little shells on the inside of the wheels and whenever i peddled they would jingle jangle lol xx

  55. My most memorable Christmas present was giving a birth to my first baby boy on 18th of Dec at 00.10am

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