Win a Gorgeous Washable Children’s Rug from Lorena Canals

Washable Kids RugI was absolutely gutted when I was approached by Lorena Canals Rugs based in Spain to review one of their children’s rugs as they are absolutely gorgeous and they’re washable!!!  Yes, you heard me right.  There is no need to take it to the cleaners.

Unfortunately, after careful measuring I worked out that there was no way it would fit in my daughter’s room.  This isn’t because the rugs are too big it’s just my daughter’s room is too small.  The rugs measure 120cm x 160cm.

So I thought, I’d give one of you the opportunity to win one, the Topos Crema pictured above.  Simply enter using the Rafflecopter form below.  The full terms and conditions are at the bottom of the form.  UK residents only aged 18+.  Competition Closes on the 27th Feb 2013

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Good luck!

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257 thoughts on “Win a Gorgeous Washable Children’s Rug from Lorena Canals”

  1. The worst thing my son ever threw on my carpet was tomato ketchup. He always refused to hold the lid whilst shaking it, the lid was loose and my carpet was splattered red.

  2. Ohh, where do I start. My twins and little girl are only 16 months apart so like triplets, at age 3 they were all covered in sudocrem, including the rug, the furniture, the walls and we still have the pictures to prove it. Then there’s the bedroom rug, my lovely boys stuck their foot in in and walked across landing to my room, suffice to say we also had to replace landing carpet. I only popped to loo. They are now a bit older and rug destruction thankfully has become a thing of the past.

  3. not sure what the worst is but if there is anything spillable around she will knock it over! her favourite was always at my mums any type of drink, nothing was safe. she even got laminate because of this and so did i when we moved

  4. He brought home something he had been making at school that had this sticky blue goo on it it went all over his rug, his bedding and somehow our bedding, I don’t know what it was but thanks school!

  5. My daughter was sick on the rug, so not exactly splilt, but definetley the worst. We threw it away .

  6. strong tea, it just dyes stuff! we actually just got a new carpet as we had a fire, caused by them stuffing plastic dominoes down the back of the gas fire! We had plastic dominoes half melted into the carpet for about 6 months!!

  7. my son loved playing with his cooking stuff, pots pans, pretend food… day i didn’t realize he had helped him self to some of my eggs from the kitchen.
    slimy messy egg mixed with broken crunched up shell, mashed into a shaggy rug….it took forever to clean, it made me feel sick trying to scrape up the slimy egg….later i asked harry what he was doing with the eggs and why had he taken them, he told me he was trying to cook me egg and soldiers for a dippy egg. i couldn’t stay angry with him for that! he just wanted to make me some lunch!!

  8. today my son was having a paddy just after i had put Sudocrem on his sore bum… and decided to park his bottom on my new rug in the living room! you think i can get it out the black rug? YOU GOT IT NO I CANT! perfect day for this question lol

  9. Spaghetti bolognese was certainly the worst experience for me. The more I rubbed, the worse it became! ;o/

  10. My brother was always the worst. He did a grand job with my mother’s lipstick and a pillow full of feathers. My mother swears she quietly closed the door and went away to laugh her head off as she did not want him to see how funny she thought it was!

  11. Definitely sudo cream it was every where and still a big white mark on the carpet 2 years down the line

  12. My daughter got hold of one of my lipsticks and decorated the carpet with it. Didn’t come off too well x

  13. the worst thing was bright red nail vanish not only on the carpet and rug but on the new bedding too

  14. My son was 3 years old at the time and some how he had managed to get a hold of my box of nail vanishes , open the clasp thingy, open the bottle of nail vanish AND spill it all over my newly laminated bedroom floor in the space of five about three minutes while I was brushing my teeth. I could have CRIED lol. That’s kind though. It still baffles me to this day how he even managed to open the box, it was locked via the clasp and even I (still do) had trouble opening it! :-/

  15. My son keeps getting play doh trodden into our rug, takes ages to get out as we have to pull it all out by hand then scrub it down

  16. Breakfast cereal including the milk. I thought I had got it out and then the smell of gone off milk arrived a few days later!!!

  17. it was poop, because of the wrong choice of nappies, needless to say it took me a while to clean(

  18. they are always spilling everything!! mainly just crumbs, but juice, milk, pencil crayon marks, also sudocrem which is very difficult to get out! so washable rug sounds a very good idea

  19. Not sure if this counts, but as a youngster (lol) I dropped a lit match on the new carpet and it burnt a hole in it (my sister who was taller than me and 3 years older gave me the match)

  20. Poo….Having just changed my son’s nappy and put it to one side, my son then got up and stepped backwards into the pooey nappy and then walked off over the rug….pooey footprints in a shaggy rug – the worst!

  21. Bleach on a red rug, red nail varnish on a cream carpet, spaghetti bolognese all over the same cream carpet, hair dye all over the bathroom carpet, you name it, my kids have spilt it!

  22. Hair dye – of various colours! – when my daughter was going through her ‘punk’ phase – she has two little girls of her own now …… I am just waiting to see what they do! :)

  23. My eldest sneaked downstairs in the middle of the night and made himself Ready Brek with cold milk. It was everywhere and had set harder than concrete by the time we discovered it in the morning! He was so proud of himself though I hadn’t the heart to give him a row

  24. My “old enough to know better” son decided to deliberately wee on his as he couldn’t be bothered to go to the toilet!!
    I scrubbed with bicarb of soda and disinfectant before I gave up and threw it away as couldn’t get the smell out!

  25. Not technically spilling but we had a ‘nappy changing’ incident on a crearug when littlest was a baby, that lovely new baby korma coloured poop all on a cream rug! Apparently from that we have had black currant squash and red wine, oh that may have been me!

  26. I was giving my daughter calpol on the landing when she tipped it over :( Cream carpet and bright pink do not work well together!

  27. The worst was when my little boy was sick on carpet as the smell took a while to go. Otherwise it has been numerous drinks which have stained carpet and also bepanthen cream which is a nightmare to get out!

  28. my son got my bronzing balls out the pot and ground them into the carpet !! the more water i put on , the worse it got :(

  29. Munchkin isn’t my problem here – it’s the other half I have to watch out for! His latest blunder was knocking a whole pot of hot pink paint on the carpet! Not a good look!!

  30. Worst thing has to be vomit! It as a deep pile rug and there was NO WAY the vomit was coming out! It stank and we just had to get rid of it…. *sorry if over sharing* :)

  31. I think trodden in plastacine or blu tack is the worst, but looking at some of the other comments I’ve got off lightly! haha!

  32. My daughter did all her nails lying on the floor of the carpet leaning her hands against it. But she’s only 5 and have very bad control and eye co-ordination that it seems more purple nail vanish went on the carpet than her nails. It’s still there but I have covered it up with her alphabet jigsaw puzzle for the time being. I have a feeling she will spill something else on it if I replace my carpet

  33. My daughter has a bit of an issue with clothes & as quick as I put them on her, she is stripping them back off … This goes for her nappy, too! So, I quite often have to deal with ‘puddles’ on my rugs. Hence, why I bought a Vax cleaner … But, the rug sounds child friendly.

  34. The worst one was the iron being knocked over as I was in the kitchen so it burnt as opposed to spill which was even worse!

  35. milk! we should smell the horrid sour smell months after, even the carpet cleaner steamer thing didn’t get rid of it totally, in the end it had to go and became a hard wood floor!

  36. nohing can top when both babies had a stomach bug together, for three days everything they ate was thrown up everywhere. that smell didn’t want to go

  37. I’m not sure about spillages but my daughter threw up on my new carpet not long ago. I’ve scrubbed and scrubbed but it still looks grubby!

  38. a milkshake on the sofa and instead of telling me my son wiped up some and shoved the rest down the back of the sofa, and not just under the cushions, between the base of the sofa and the back. For three weeks the smell was driving me demented until he fessed up. I couldn’t clean it and had to be skipped!

  39. When Poppy was a tiny baby, she pooped as I carried her from the bath into her room – that’s got to be the worst thing on her carpet…..!

  40. Calpol!!
    It smells terrible and no matter much scrubbing we tried nothing got it out the carpet :( too sticky and stubborn

  41. Ribena … straight out of the bottle, and ribena that hasn’t been diluted with water is a real nightmare to get out!

  42. My son turned a closed tin of paint on it’s side and then jumped on it! Lid shot off and rug/ carpet and sofa were all wrecked!!

  43. A full glass of Dandelion and Burdock knocked off the table by a swinging school bag. There was no way it was coming out. One rug in the bin.

  44. What I would do for a washable rug in the boys room- my twins have unfortunately always been rather sickly… and potty training has been no better… I would give my eye teeth for a washable rug!!

  45. I don’t have any children but my cat has pooped on the carpet several times – not the kind of thing you want to find first thing in the morning on a work day!

  46. my son managed to catapult a whole bowl of weetabix across the floor and up the side if the telly!

  47. the contents on my make up bag emptied and ground in- before i was due to go no a rare night out. My initial up set that i had yet to use it! I had to salvage what i could then deal with the mess

  48. well not so much spilled as spread carefully over..a whole large pot of sudocrem. we have a photo of it, she was covered and so was the rug. She looked so funny and she’d obviously had a lot of fun ‘painting’! The rug however had had its day there was nothing I could do with it, I was so grateful it wasn’t an entire carpet!

  49. A silver gooey alien that somehow got melted into the carpet, has left a huge unshiftable splodge. Kids!

  50. It wasn’t spilled onto the carpet but rather crushed into…….everyone of my lipsticks! Luckily vaseline lifted it all out as they are army carpets!

  51. I vividly remember my second son standing at the top of our newly carpeted stairs and throwing up. He managed to get every single stair.

  52. My baby boy has horrible reflux, he has since he was born, hes now 9months and still suffers. Luckily in no pain, but has quite bad sickness.. iv had all kinds of sick on my cream carpet from spag bol to strawberries.. at least he has no pain.. :) xoxo

  53. value apple and blackberry juice – 3 years and many carpet cleans later and it is still as purple as the day it was spilled.

  54. My daughter has rubbed crumpets covered in Marmite into my carpet. The Marmite stuck to the carpet and was so hard to get out. It left a horrible grown stain.

  55. It’s gross but poop & sick at the same time. My poor son caught a tummy bug from nursery and was sick in his bed so he got out and cried for me, as I went in he was sick again and the other end at the same time….nightmare scrubbing :-( luckily it was only a 24hr bug 2 days later he’s bouncing around like nothing ever was wrong!

  56. Red Glitter, I know you can hoover it up, but this was several years ago and I’m still hoovering up glitter.

  57. my son had a friend to stay and silly me forgot to hide the paint i was decorating with in another room, his friend got it took it to my sons room and threw it off the top bunk bed it was everywhere! quite a disaster.

  58. Chocolate milkshake – and the glass broke too! Never mind smelly milk, no way was I going to chance bits of glass so in the bin it has gone – was a fave of mine and too expensive to replace :-(

  59. This is so true not a spill as you may say but i was at work and when i got home i ask my husband where the rug had gone and what that smell was and to his reply he said our daughter who was 13 months decided it would be fun to rub the contents of one pooey nappy all over the carpet and rug ….. ekkkkk i was not impressed but least i was not home and did not have to deal with that one phew …..

  60. Possibly too much information, but I left my newborn son on his change mat having nappy free time. Asking for trouble I know, and the breastfed poo-splosion on our living room carpet was not pretty…. thank goodness for bleach cleanable carpets!

  61. Jam! A few weeks before we were due to move as well. Nothing would fetch it out. Ended up covering it over the a rug! ;-)

  62. Bleach, it did a fab job of removing a stain and the colour. My eldest thought he was being helpful by bringing in the bottle after coffee split on the carpet, he opened it and it slipped out of his hand. That part of the carpet put the rest of it to shame it was so clean and white.

  63. My daughter recently decided she would find out what would happen to crayons if she melted them.
    Unfortunately she did not protect the rug in her bedroom, it now has lovely splashes of brightly coloured wax all over it!!

  64. Sick, wee and poo are never good! But apart from that rice from dinner, a nightmare to clean up

  65. Some squishy slime putty from Christmas. Its some form of strange plastic but soaks into fabric and was impossible to get out.
    I just have to try and hide that bit if anyone comes round!

  66. They haven’t arrived yet but I imagine for the first few months it’ll be the 3 Ps! And as it’s twins on the way, I imagine there will be plenty of spillages when I’m not looking!

  67. We have just been out to buy some bitumen for repairing our garage, my daughter decided to bounce the tin in our front room!! Lovely black tar floor!! :0))))

  68. my 5 year old daughter dropping talc all over the living room floor 5 mins before the midwife is due, then tries to clean it up with water!!! aghhhh

  69. My daughter has got make-up on her bedroom carpet. The little devil got hold of pink lip balm and eye shadow :( wasn,t happy

  70. We were in the process of moving house and my two year old daughter reached up and grabbed blue food colouring off the kitchen counter while I was packing things in boxes. She carried the bottle to me and spilled blue food colouring all over the light beige carpet.

  71. Nothing too terrible but a cup of blackcurrent juice.Was still hard to get the stain out though.

  72. Mummy’s make up smeared into the gorgeous cream carpet, Aaaargh !
    I have, however got a more child proof carpet now !

  73. The worst thing has to be a tin of white gloss, Hubby never put it away properly, although he swears he did, anyway the rug was ruined and had to be thrown away

  74. Would probably have to be paints i think even though i had covered the floor with a mat still managed to get everywere but the mat lol! All good fun though :)

  75. Fresh glass orange juice my little one knocked over, it had bits in it so was horrible to get out!

  76. We have had the joys of both poo and sudocrem covering our living room carpet :-) that will teach me to go answering the phone half way through nappy changing time :-) x

  77. A 4 pint carton of milk, it went everywhere, smelled awful for months and completely ruined it.

  78. I’m pregnant, so no kids at the mo, just on the way. But I think my boyfriend spilling a glass of red was pretty tragic!

  79. Its not the worst thing its just the frequency at which my 9 month old gets a bottle of milk and stands shaking it onto the rug with a look of innocence on her face! Worst is when someone told me to give my son some time out of his nappy – the poo stain is still there :(

  80. Undiluted, dounble concentrated Blackcurrant :( Was a nervous wreck after that – the carpet WAS beige :(

  81. just recently decorated my livingroom and my little boy kicked paint all over my carpet :( had to replace it x

  82. My kids drew on the cream carpet with crayola wax crayons and then I thought it would be a good idea to cover it in greaseproof paper and iron it out. The carpet instantly singed and now has a great big iron mark in the middle of the floor!

  83. our daughter used to projecile vomit all over the place when she was a baby – this rug would be perfect for her and her little one x

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