Meal Planning Monday – 29th April 2013

Meal Planning Monday

I do find meal planning a bit of a slog.  I usually sit down on a Sunday with my Slow Cooker Books and start trawling for recipes and making my shopping list.  Sometimes I wish I was one of those people who had a set menu every week but always keen to try new recipes.

But one thing that helps a bit is that I have a couple ‘themes’ to help me focus.  On a Monday it’s always #meatfreemonday and on Fridays we try to have fish.  So this just leaves 3 weekdays to sort out.

However, I do find that planning each week saves us time and money.  A couple of weeks ago I tried online shopping again and found I could do my shop for around £50.  However, on the weekend I went to Morrison’s, it’s usually cheap but found myself spending twice as much.  Think I will do it online again next week, it stops me from impulse buying.

This week my Slow Cooker will be busy cooking:

Monday – Aubergine Massamman Curry

TuesdayTomato, Lentil and Chorizo Soup

WednesdayAmerican Diner Style Chili

Thursday – Lamb Tagine

Friday – Smoked Cod with Bean Mash

Roll on Bank Holiday Weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday – 29th April 2013”

  1. I do my food shopping online every week….Along with the meal planning saves so much money!! It’s the impulse buying which costs me….At least online I tend just to get what we need instead of buying stuff that takes my fancy…
    Great meals planned….All sounds lovely x

  2. I keep meaning to write up a how to on menu planning.It was part of my job as a chef and I can get quite geeky about it.

  3. Lovely meal plan, love the idea of meat free monday, but never actually done it. Not sure hubster would agree with me doing that. I am a shopper who buys cut price items, but I tend to find that I don’t see them with my online shop and can do it for less in the store. As long as I don’t get swayed by the BOGOF’s I’m usually good. Oh and as long as I don’t have the littlies as they have an amazing habit of grabbing anything and popping it into the trolley for me to discover at the counter – usually chocolate. They do not get this behaviour from me!!

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