Friday 5: How to entertain kids in the pub

Before you get the wrong impression, my daughter does frequent the pub on occasion but we don’t go as often as you may think.  If it’s a sunny day we will pop up to our local pub as it has a garden and enjoy a few drinks.  However, we always go prepared!

This is what I’d recommend taking:

How to entertain kids in the pub

  1. Bubbles – hours of fun and they won’t knock any glasses over.
  2. Magazine – stop by the local shop and buy one of those crappy children’s magazines with tat on the front.  The cheap toys will entertain then for a bit and there are usually a few puzzles/games inside.
  3. Skipping Rope – do bear in mind the size of the garden as it can turn into a weapon of destruction;  but beyond skipping it can be turned into all kinds of fun (e.g horse reigns)
  4. Dog – invite your friends who have dogs to join you for a drink, hours of fun for the little ones.
  5. But most importantly, don’t forget a fully charged Ipad loaded with games and movies.  And of course to minimize pissing off the other patrons take head phones!  Plus, they also work well as a drinks tray????

More uses for an Ipad

Apparently the sun may be out this Bank Holiday weekend so get down to your local pub and don’t forget to pack a bag.

Do you have anything I should add to the list?




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3 thoughts on “Friday 5: How to entertain kids in the pub”

  1. Perfect timing – we may just do this tonight. Great advice on the bubbles. We may take a soft ball too.

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