Is Newquay (Cornwall) a family destination?

Newquay for Families

I recently had the opportunity to visit Newquay, as part of the inaugural easyJet flight from Southend (London) Airport.   The flight takes less than an hour and if you’ve ever driven to Cornwall during school holidays, you know it can be an absolute nightmare.  We did it once and it took nearly 8 hours.

Easyjet Flight to Newquay from Southend

‘So how much?’ you say…

The lead in price for the flight is approx £25 including taxes, which is less than what it would cost us in diesel.  Southend airport is easily accessible by trains from Liverpool station and it stops outside the terminal building.  Alternatively, I went by car and it was only an hour from my house.

Ironically, as I was there to check out Newquay for families, I didn’t have my daughter with me.  I kept finding myself wishing she was with me thinking, oh she’d love this  or she would have loved that.  However, I got over it fairly quickly having 3 days CHILD-FREE!  Whooop!

However, we are hoping to go back as a family later this year and I can’t wait to…..

Things to do with kids in Newquay

Beaches, Beaches, Beaches

I love nothing better than sitting on the beach watching my husband and daughter play in the rock pools, build sandcastles and paddle.  There are 8 beaches within walking distance of Newquay and 4 more within a short drive.

Beaches near Newquay Cornwall

Surfing is Therapy

I had the choice of having a Spa treatment at Headland Hotel’s newly refurbished Spa or going for a Surfing Lesson at  the ever so stunning Fistral Beach, in the end, I came to the conclusion that I could have a massage anytime; but when would I ever get a chance to try surfing again?  I’m so glad I did as it was amazing,  mind you I was crap at it, but I was in fits of giggles the entire time and Ben the instructor was brilliant.

Surfing Lessons in Newquay

Surfing is Therapy offers family surf lessons, plus a few other Kids’ Activities :  Rock Pool  Rambles, Crafting and Junior Bay Watch, where kids can learn about the power of the sea and a few lifeguarding skills.  How cool is that!

They run out of the Headland Hotel and supply everything from wetsuits to surfboards.


The Eden Project

I’ve always wanted to go to the Eden Project, the World’s Largest Greenhouse housing a rainforest, inside the biomes you will find plants from all over the world.  It was absolutely fascinating; our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and very passionate about what she does, I learned so much and can’t wait to take my daughter there.

The Eden Project - Cornwall, UK

Get a Bird’s Eye View of Eden

And for those thrill-seekers you can fly like Superman over the Biomes on the fasted Zip Wire in England.

Longest Zip Wire in England - Eden Project

Seal Cove Safaris

Departs from the historical Newquay Harbour, travel down the rugged coastline on the biggest passenger vessel in the harbour,  learning about bird colonies, passed Fistral Beach in search of the Grey Seals that inhabit the area.  We spotted a couple of females and one juvenile.

On our return to the harbour we met the ever so cheeky Doctor Who, who is well-known by most of the local fisherman.  He’s so cute!

Seal Cove Safaris - Newquay Cornwall

Annabelle and Chris Lowe have been running Atlantic Diving for nearly 30 years and the Sea Safari’s and Fishing branch for 6.  They’re incredibly knowledgeable and offer a  huge selection of Ocean Adventures, everything from Evening Sunset Cruises to Swimming with Basking Sharks to Blue Shark Cage Diving!  I’ll pass on the cage diving, thanks.


Where to stay

Headland 4* Hotel and 5* Cottages

We stayed at the iconic family owned Headland 4*Hotel, steps away from Fistral Beach with commanding views, fine-dining, newly refurbished spa, very helpful staff and it’s incredibly dog friendly.  I was taken aback when I came down the stairs in the morning to be faced by a giant sheep dog.

Headland Hotel - Newquay, Cornwall

I can not fault the hotel, however, if we went again, we would opt for the 5* luxury cottages that are very much a part of the hotel, you can still use the hotel facilities, but directly next to it.  They have 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms and are beautifully kitted out and bigger than our own house.

For us, as a family we prefer self-catering as it gives us a bit more freedom and  in the evenings we can put our daughter to bed and then enjoy a glass of wine or three on the patio.

Self-catering - Headland 5* Cottages, Newquay, Cornwall


Cornwall Camper Company

If you take advantage of the Easy Jet flight from Southend, you may be in need of wheels.  Why not combine transport and accommodation with these fabulous campervans?  Ben and Jess have rescued these vans, some that have been left to rust in farmer’s field and have restored them beautifully.  They ‘re so proud of them they’ve even named one after their first born.

Camper Van Hire - Newquay, Cornwall, UK

What a fabulous way to explore the Cornish Coastline.  They can also help with planning your trip, provide food hampers and equipment for the little ones.

In conclusion

So, to answer my original question ‘is Newquay a family destination?’ that would be a resounding YES!

We can’t wait to go back.

Disclosure: the trip was compliments of easyJet UK












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5 thoughts on “Is Newquay (Cornwall) a family destination?”

  1. Fabulous – this is the kind of sponsored post I like, where it’s such useful information. I had no idea we could fly to cornwall – will definitely do it next year!

  2. I’m hoping to go to Cornwall in a few weeks – beautiful isn’t it!

    Looked at the flights and they don’t have them very frequently though, we’d still probably drive..

  3. As a father of 2 young boys, and a permanent resident of Cornwall I can whole heartily agree the county is a marvellous place to visit, with ancient castles, steam railways, rustic coastline, rick pools aplenty and haunting mining ruins which hold the same world heritage status as the pyramids. To have flights to newquay only serves to open this world up to more people, however for a true kids adventure i would whole heartedly recommend the sleeper train from London Paddington. Alas a flight to newquay is as far as i would recommend. Having been a resident of said town there are certain times of the year where newquay is suitable for families, these are few and far between that is why i moved south to Falmouth, everything newquay has without the drunken foul language speaking louts who usually fly in.
    Please come to Cornwall, my county is beautiful, with lots to offer, but don’t be blinkered into Newquay head up the coast down the coast, or just through the county, explore us and have a wonderful time, just don’t think Newquay is true Cornwall, it just a commercial boil we have to live with

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