Looking forward to the summer holidays?

‘I can’t wait for the summer holidays’ said one of the mum’s from school

‘Are you completely insane?’ I replied.

Okay, I’m looking forward to lying in, not having to do the school run, making packed lunches, spending more time together and a family holiday but the sheer thought of entertaining my daughter for 6 WHOLE weeks completely freaks me out.  This may have something to do with her being an only child as we don’t have any built in play mates and our cats can only take so much.

Sally Whittle, from Who’s the Mummy, wrote a post a week or so ago, talking about not ‘selling boredom as a virtue‘, it’s worth a read.  I do agree with her to some degree.  But I find it challenging, at times I need my daughter to be able to entertain herself and as an only child I find myself organising too many things for her and then when we have nothing planned, all I get is ‘I’m bored’ ‘what are we doing today’.  She seems to have lost the ability to do this herself and I’m partly to blame.

So, I need to find a balance between organising some things together but also encouraging her to amuse herself a bit more.

Things to do with kid's during the summer

Got any tips?

This is why I’m looking forward to the #matalansummertips Twitter Party this Thursday the 18th July from 1-2pm, where we will all get together to share our tips for surviving the summer.  Join in the chat for and be in with the chance to win 1 of 10 £20 vouchers!

My top tip ‘get a loads of wine in and I mean loads of it”!

Disclosure:  I have been compensated for this post and my participation in the twitter party.



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One thought on “Looking forward to the summer holidays?”

  1. I had to chuckle when I read the first part of this post. Your response is exactly the same as mine when I hear people declare they are looking forward to school holidays. They’re not really! Who does?

    Seriously though, whether you have 1 child or more, you still get the “I’m bored”. I get it all the time with my older 2…either that or they just have punch ups.

    Will keep an eye out for that twitter party too…. could be useful. Failing that I will lock them in the cupboard for 6 weeks*

    *Disclaimer – I am joking…I only lock them in cupboards occasionally :P

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