Who needs Marriage Counselling?

How to survive summer holidays

Not suggesting we do, but I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.  We both work from home and it does get fractious at times.  Being school holidays, I’ve done as predicted and chucked money at it, not because I have a surplus of cash but with an only-child and a tiny garden, I’m always looking for things to entertain my five year old during the school holidays.

I don’t want to give the impression that it’s expensive.  It cost me £20 and worth every penny.

Growing up I never played Swing Ball, I have no idea of its origins but guessing it didn’t make it across the Atlantic, but I could be wrong.  We played a similar game called Tetherball but it didn’t have paddles, players used their hands and it was a hard plastic ball, more football sized.

After a few goes with our daughter, we decided to play each other…. is it just me or does it look like he’s trying to kill me?


So, if you’re looking for something to save your marriage or to have a right laugh with your kids this summer in limited space then this is the answer.  Great family fun!

Gotta love traditional games!

Hubby reckons we should try it after a few beers.  Can someone warn A & E?

I bought mine from Cuthberts Toys.



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2 thoughts on “Who needs Marriage Counselling?”

  1. Chrissie – your video is hilarious and I love the ‘before’ and ‘after’. I hope HE made you a pitcher of Pimms after that match! Thanks for sharing

  2. I LOVE swingball- we had one when the kids were little too :) I have just bought a retro style metal one (thinking it may be stronger lol) and we have done the same and to say it gets a little competitive is an understatement!!! We are taking ours away with us on our camping trip- think it will be great for us and the teens to get the competition going- after a few Gins in a Tin I may just triumph :)

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