Christmas Eve Box! A new tradition???

Love it or hate it?

About a month ago I saw someone post a photo for a Christmas Eve Box and I was taken with it and had never heard of it.  It’s basically a present that the kid’s can open on Christmas Eve, to get them into the spirit, typically with PJ’s, Hot chocolate, Books and DVD’s.  I’m not sure why I was taken with it but it may link back to when I was a child we were allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve.  I can’t help thinking it was my mum’s way of getting us to stop bugging her!

There are really mixed feeling about it as we all know kids are spoiled rotten and have no idea of the real meaning of Christmas, just the sheer number of presents.

I don’t know where it originated, I’ve heard murmurs that’s it’s from across the pond, which would fit as I’m Canadian.

Anyhow, we have decided to do it this year and I may regret it as I will now have to carry it on for years to come.

Christmas Eve Box

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Jiffy Pop (popcorn)
  • Reindeer Food
  • Books
  • DVD
  • PJS
  • Reindeer Food

Do you love it or hate it?

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Box! A new tradition???”

  1. I like the idea for younger kids. It’s a good way to help them focus on winding down and going to bed. My two always get new PJs, which is a tradition I didn’t have as a child but which mine really enjoy. We kind of do those things anyway, just not gift wrapped. Who knows – maybe it will be a tradition they carry on with your grandchildren :)

  2. I like any tradition that makes it special for your own family. Mr N and I are usually up to our eyes with “jobs” on Christmas Eve, so something that means everyone has finished and we can all wind down with a family movie, some hot choc and fresh new PJ’s then put out the Santa drink/mince pie and Reindeer food is all part of Chrismas. Being a 21st century family, we also “track” Santa on NORAD!

  3. Love it, and nearly fell into the trap of doing it ;) actually I’ve always done a Christmas Eve present at bedtime for my girls, pyjamas generally, so I wondered if I should bring it forward in the day and do the box idea. I’ve finally decided to give myself a break, and instead I will just produce that book (fab, isn’t it?!) and a DVD to watch that morning and still leave the PJ present til bedtime. That way there’s less pressure for future years but we still have the fun. My girls sadly don’t do hot chocolate, and it’s been non-stop chocolate from the advent calendars here anyhow!!

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