How to get parents involved in the PTA

Ply them with alcohol and lots of it

A few months ago, I found myself at a PTA meeting, prior to this the mere thought of attending such a function would give me goosebumps.  For me PTA conjured up visions of a room full of Busybody Super Ninja Mums  (you know the type who get up at 4 am to bake cupcakes for the school cake sale and then do their hair and make-up before the school run) vying to win the mum of the year award.

‘Say no to the PTA, the school quiz and sports day’

However a friend, wanted to become Chair of the PTA (personally I think she’s mad) and for some strange historical reason she needed 7.5 votes, so with the lure of alcohol I agreed to attend and support her.  I wasn’t expecting 4 BOXES of wine.

Scratched my head at the wrong time

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but somewhere between my friend being elected as the new Chair and the end of the meeting, I somehow volunteered to organise the Christmas Raffle.  For a first attempt I think it went well, with some amazing prizes and we raised approximately £1000 for the school.

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU  to all the companies for stepping in and helping a rather daft lady out.

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Plus, I’m also pleased to say that our school PTA is not a viper-pit but full of other like minded parents who just want to build up a sense of community within the school and to give a bit back.

Note:  Please do not approach these companies unless you already have a relationship with them like I do.



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