Win a £50 Voucher from Voucher Express for Mother’s Day

What is your perfect Mother’s Day Gift?

If someone asked me what my perfect Mother’s Day would be, it would be going to the local pub for a Sunday Roast with my family and a bottle of wine, which I hope to do this year.

I love the cards and gifts that my daughter makes and brings home from school.  Currently, she’s been sneakily creating something at home and keeps shouting at me to close my eyes or leave the room.  I can’t wait to see what it is.

It’s not just Mother’s Day Gifts, but birthdays, Christmas and Valentine’s as well, I’d much prefer to receive an experience, preferably something my daughter and I could do together (e.g. Theatre, Cinema, Dining out or a book we can read together)  .  A lot of the tat will slowly make its way through the house eventually ending up in a keep sake box in the loft or in the recycle bin.  However, the memories of a day out with my daughter will last forever.

Enter to Win a £50 Voucher from Voucher Express

giftvouchersformothersdayThis Mother’s Day why not make sure your mum gets what she really wants with handy gift vouchers from Voucher Express. All you have to do is tell us in the comments below which voucher you think she’d like best and why. One lucky winner will get a £50 voucher delivered to them before* Mother’s Day – so you’ve plenty of time to pop it in a card for your mum.

*We will endeavour to get the voucher to you by Mother’s Day but this will be dependent on the response time from the winner and Royal Mail.

Terms and Conditions

UK Residents Only 18 Years of age and older Blog Owner not responsible for non-delivery of prize.  Incomplete, incorrect or duplicate entries will be removed. This prize is non-transferable or redeemable for cash. Prizes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer / discounts. Winner will be chosen by random.  Competition Closes 26th March 2014

Tell us which voucher would suit your mum best!

Good luck and Happy Mothers Day

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And the Winner is……

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Congratulations Jon!  Thanks to everyone for joining in.






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348 thoughts on “Win a £50 Voucher from Voucher Express for Mother’s Day”

  1. I think she’d like a Love2Shop because there;s so much choice available – she would have a variety of shops to choose from.

  2. The Marks and Spencer voucher because she loves the clothes and has a secret fetish for their fruit covered in chocolate sweets.

  3. My mum would love a M&S gift card as she loves their food department but only goes there if there is a special occasion coming up as she says it is a little pricy! I would love to send her off to M&S with her £50 gift card and say ‘go on treat yourself!’

  4. Mum Would Love The Love2Shop Vouchers Because She Loves Bon Marche Clothes Which Take The Vouchers xxx

  5. The Love2Shop vouchers would be great – so much choice of stores to use them in and plenty for mum to choose from

  6. An Amazon voucher would be lovely as I bought her a Kindle for Christmas which she loves so £50 would be great, she could tick a fair few off her wish list with that!

  7. My mum would love an amazon voucher – she has to rest after a Gall Stone Operation so lots of books and DVDs would be perfect for her :)

  8. Probably the Marks and Spencer one as she can treat herself to something nice to wear and nibble on too!

  9. I think my mum would like the marks and spencer voucher, because she likes their clothing range

  10. My mum would love to have a love2shop voucher – so much choice!! She would have a great time on a spending spree with it and deserves it so much :-D

  11. i would love to buy her a new handbag as her handbag broke i would love to surprise with one :)

  12. Without a doubt my mum would like the Marks and Spencer voucher best – she is always in that shop!

  13. A Love2shop voucher would be brilliant as there is such a wide choice of retailers to redeem it with :-)

  14. My mum would probably love the M&S voucher most – she could treat herself to some nice treats to eat as well as something new to wear!

  15. I think my mum would love the Debenhams gift voucher as she has always wanted treat herself to a nice bedding set.

  16. I know she’d love a restaurant choice gift voucher so she can go out for a yummy meal which she very rarely does.

  17. My mother in law would love the Marks & Spencer voucher as she buys quite a lot from their stores and also loves their food hall.

  18. Love2Shop – As she loves to shop and can never make her mind up! This would give her more freedom of choice :)

  19. Marks and Spencers voucher as this is more of a treat and can be used for clothes and food goodies especially the chocolate!

  20. Love2Shop, as then she could choose somewhere to treat herself – whether it was to a new toaster, which she needs, or just something frivolous like some nice jewellery!

  21. I think my mum would like a Love2Shop voucher best – that way she would have lots of choice for where to spend her gift!

  22. Marks and spencer vouchers. She could treat herself. She likes their food, flowers and clothes so she would have a great time spending it.

  23. My mum treats her gran kids to lunch at Fayre £ Square very often so im sure she would love to recieve the gift card for Fayre and Square.

    Many thanks and lots of luck everyone.

  24. I think that my mum would love the Marks and Spencers vouchers because that is one of her favourite shops and she could treat herself to something nice to add to her wardrobe and may have enough left for some bubbly :)

  25. Amazon for my mum she loves to browse and stock up her kindle with books so this would be perfect :)

  26. My mum would really appreciate the Love2Shop vouchers. There’s so many places where it can be spent, and she could get exactly what she wanted with it.

  27. amazon voucher would be best as she loves the website and isnt very good on new websites so she sticks to what she knows lol thanks for chance xx

  28. I would love to give my mum the ‘Restaurant Choice’ voucher, I don’t get to see her that often, so I would love for her to be able to go out and enjoy herself with her partner & have a lovely meal :)

  29. My mum would love the Debenhams voucher because there is such a wide variety of lovely things to choose from.

  30. I’d opt for a Sainsbury gift card because it would give her a wide choice of chocolates, dvds and clothes under one roof.

  31. my mum would love the love2shop vouchers so she could have lots of different shops to choose from

  32. She would love a love to shop voucher, would be amazing as she is so hard to buy for, i know she could get herself something amazing with this, thanks for the chance x

  33. My Mum would love to receive a Marks and Spencer voucher. She is a very petite lady and the shorter length clothes that they sell are perfect for her. they also have a wide range if shoes in a size 3 for her too.

  34. I think she’d like M&S so she could treat herself to some new undies! Thats what I’d pick too!

  35. My mum would love the marks and spencer gift card as she is obsessed with their chocolate treats.

  36. love2 shop i think because i’m not sure which shops are in her local town centre and she doesn’t shop online.

  37. My mum would love the M&S voucher as she is only little and they do short measurements, and it will wonderful to see her buy something for herself.

  38. I’d love to be able to present my Mum with a Love2Shop voucher. Fingers and toes are now crossed!!!

  39. Hello my mum would love the argos voucher she has been looking at a nice clock on there for her newly decorated kitchen that she has just done by herself after years of wanting it done (but hasn’t had the time due to working non stop) :)

  40. The Love2Shop vouchers would be great, much a wide choice and with my mother being very indecisive these would be amazing!!

  41. I’d go for Debenhams. Mum really likes shopping there and loves their kitchenware and homeware departments so she could pick something new and summery for the house, which she loves.

  42. I would choose the Marks and Spencer vouchers. Them they can have a meal on two dine for £10, and maybe a new top too.n

  43. She would like M&S So she can put them towards and outfit for my Brothers wedding in July!

  44. My mum would love the Marks and Spencer voucher as she travels on the bus everyday to her local city to do window shopping, buy a cup of tea and then go home, she loves to get out and about !

  45. My mum would love the Love2shop voucher as she can spend it anywhere. I would encourage to try places she hadn’t been to before and we would have a lovely day together helping her spend it.

  46. I’d choose a love to shop voucher as there is so much choice with them. Perfect for a treat!

  47. My mum would love a M&S voucher as this is her favourite store even though she doesn’t often shop there for herself but is always treating everyone else. Would love for her to have a treat.

  48. I think my mum would love a gift card for Asda. She could have a good wander round and treat herself to some new clothes or maybe a few books so she could put up her feet and have a good read :-) :-)

  49. The Love to Shop voucher would be lovely for my step mum – she could treat herself to something nice with lots of choice

  50. My mum would like the M&S voucher as she loves to shop there, clothes, furniture, food, gifts, she’s a devout M&S’er!

  51. Selfridges so she can treat herself to something special that she wouldn’t normally buy for herself!

  52. I would give her the amazon voucher as she loves getting lots of little knick knacks and a good film.

  53. My mum has always given me everything ive wanted and more so im sure she’d love ‘love2shop’ vouchers, and by eck does she deserve a treat.

  54. My mum would love the M&S Voucher as that is the only shop she really visits, she adores all their products.. clothes, food, Flowers & soft furnishings etc.

  55. LOVE TO SHOP – Shes so bloody fussy – at least this way she will find something that she wants :)

  56. My mum would love the Love2Shop voucher then she could spend hours deliberating on which of the many stores to spend it in.

  57. Mum would love the Amazon voucher , as a computing newbie she is becoming obsessed with bargains on line

  58. My Mum would love love to shop vouchers as she could shop in loads of places and bound to find some thing perfect

    1. because there are so many great shops to choose from so she can gtreat herself to something lovely

  59. My Mum would like an Amazon voucher the best as she is fairly housebound and this would mean she could buy some nice new books to read

  60. my mum would love an amazon voucher she is an avid reader so would really come in handy for her :)

  61. I think John Lewis or Marks & Spencer, so she can choose something for the house or clothes :-)

  62. I’d say M&S for my mum. You can’t beat being frivolous on some new undies for yourself I say! (and maybe some Percy Pigs for the journey home!)

  63. I think she’d like a love2shop as they can be spent in so many places, she could buy herself lots of things.

  64. The Restaurant Choice voucher as we both enjoy a lazy lunch to chat and enjoy a glass of wine.

  65. I’d choose the M&S vouchers, because she loves M&S and she can choose between clothes or some luxury foodstuffs :)

  66. An Amazon voucher would be lovely ~ Mum could get lots of lovely books with that! Thank you. x

  67. Sainsbury’s, So she could pick up something special for herself whilst doing the weekly shop.

  68. M&S would be wonderful so she could treat herself to some new underwear from their gorgeous new spring collection.

  69. Mum brought me up to know be M&S so a gift card for our favourite shop would be perfect to treat her to something for spring and for an M&S lunch!

  70. M&S – Great for fab fashion that lasts and the food, even find myself shopping there nowadays!

  71. my mum would love the love2shop vouchers , she wouldn’t be tied to one shop then (and i wouldn’t be stuck waiting forever for her lol)

  72. she would love the m&s voucher because she could treat herself but i know she wouldn’t be able to resist spoiling my daughter, her first grandchild.

  73. Marks and Sparks my mum’s favorite shop, its my parents 6oth wedding anniversay in April so it would be nice for her to get a nice outfit

  74. I think my Mum would love the Amazon voucher, you really can get just about anything on Amazon these days :) Maybe she would share it with me lol

  75. Definitely Marks And Spencers, Whenever I take her shopping I have to follow her around M&S for over an hour, looking at my watch, hoping I don’t miss the school run! :)

  76. Debenhams – she’s in there that much that my Dad says its like her local corner shop. It’s her most favourite store.

  77. I think it would be Love to Shop – shes just repainted her kitchen so I know shes after some new wall art from Argos

  78. My mum would love the Debenhams card because she treat herself to a wonderful treat without having to buy for everyone else first – she can also take lots of time to decide!

  79. My mum would enjoy a Boots gift card, she loves her lotions and potions or treating herself to a new fragrance :)

  80. I think she would love the Love2Shop voucher as she can then choose from various stores for the perfect treat

  81. My mum would love an Argos voucher please, then she could get her self something nice, lovely competition, thank you

  82. The Love2Shop Vouchers because she says that anything that is for her is a luxury. So it means she could spend it on lots of different things without feeling guilty, or my parents could put it towards a night away together they deserve some quality time. :-D

  83. John Lewis because they sell all sorts of things and you can also use them at Waitrose to treat yourself to some yummy food

  84. A love to shop voucher would be ideal as she could treat herself a little in a number of different shops!

  85. Would be a difficult one as my mum loves everything! But would have to say Love2Shop so then she could choose for herself!!

  86. It would hve to be between to Love to Shop, Debenhams and Amazon. I would have to decide at the time if I was lucky enough to win.

  87. would have to be love 2 shop vouchers so she can treat herself to whatever looks pretty on the day she goes out to spend! what freedom!

  88. Myu mum would love a John Lewis voucher so that she could treat herself to some lovely new decorative homewares x

  89. I think my mum would like the love to shop voucher, so many retailers to choose from shes sure to find something nice

  90. My mum would the love2shop vouchers as they are accepted at so many shops! She would be spoilt for choice!

  91. I doubt my old dear would like one of them Virgin hot air balloon experiences. Maybe we shall stick to the gifts and cards from Vex.

  92. I think my mum would like M&S vouchers, whenever we’re in there she always finds something to buy!

  93. my mum would love the argos voucher, i know she’s had her eye on some wall art from there but wont treat herself to it :(

  94. My Mum would love to win a John Lewis voucher. It’s one of those shops that she says she can never “justify spending in” on herself. This means she will be able to buy things rather than just window shop. :-) x

  95. She would like an Amazon Gift Certificate as I know there is a steam cleaner she has seen on there that she wants so she could put it towards that x

  96. She would definitely go for the Love2shop voucher because she is a bit of a bargain hunter!

  97. M&S My mum has worked really hard recently to loose weight and has lost 3 stone. This would be great to buy some new clothes to help her make the best of her new shape

  98. Love 2 shop or boots, she does not treat herself ever so both would mean she can buy herself something nice x

  99. I think she would love the love2shop one because she already has some and can put them together to buy something really nice and special!

  100. My mum would love an Arcadia Voucher, she moves house this weekend so i think she deserves to treat herself to a nice new outfit xx

  101. My Mum would love a Debenhams gift card – she’d buy half the store if you left her in there for a few hours! Plus she works long hours as a nurse and really deserves a treat :)

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