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Best Camping Stoves

I absolutely LOVE camping and do get rather excitable about it.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m Canadian or what………..

Canadian Camping

A big part of it for me is all the kit, you’ve gotta have the kit!  We have tent, self-inflating mattresses, chairs, fair lights, windbreak, folding table, sleeping bags, marshmallow roasting sticks, washing up bowl, crockery and of course a bottle opener and corkscrew.

Two is always better than one!

CampingGaz Cooker

When we first got back into camping, I quickly popped out and got a little camp stove, it’s absolutely fine, but only has one burner and runs on Camping Gas Propane Cartridges which are a bit pricy and don’t last long.  As the Slow Cooker Queen I’m used to cooking with one pot, but I’d much prefer two, especially for those much needed Fry Ups in the morning.  I don’t want my bacon getting cold while I cook my eggs.

Stroking my new cooker! #camping @MountainWHouse – via @mediocre_mum

Recommended Camping Stoves

So, I was over the moon when Mountain Warehouse sent me this sexy beast – A Kampa Alfresco Double Burner With Grill for review purposes.  It has a double burner with grill, ignition, a sturdy metal case which also acts as a windbreak and for £39.99 I think it’s great value. Sadly, I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but will be soon.

Win and Insulated Picnic Hamper from Mountain Warehouse

The generous folks at Mountain Warehouse are offering one of my readers a chance to win a 36 Litre Four Person Insulated Picnic Hamper (£29.99).  It has everything you need for the perfect picnic; cutting board, napkins, plates, cutlery and most importantly a corkscrew and wine glasses!!!

Insulated Picnic Hamper

Simply use the rafflecopter form below to enter.  Full terms and conditions are at the bottom of the form.

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Good luck and happy camping.

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171 thoughts on “Now We’re Cooking with Gaz!”

  1. I was going to say toilet paper, till I saw comment above. Insect repellant can be so important, though I have come across a couple of other ways / methods of keeping midges away.

  2. A camping stove so you can have something to eat & a hot drink if there is no where aroudn or the prices are too high

  3. when you have kids it has to be wetwipes, closely followed by a camping stove so you can heat food and drink

  4. A fire starter , my partner has one made by the bear grylls brand and their excellent. The reason i chose a fire starter is because a fire gives light , it gives warmth and you can cook food on it too !

  5. I think a tent would be the most important part of camping equipment… especially if it rains!!!

  6. The most essential piece of camping equipment is the tent, tent pegs and mallet to put the tent up, because without these items you are not camping. The next essential piece of equipment is your sleeping bag and a ground sheet otherwise you cannot sleep properly in your tent.

  7. A torch! To get to the toilets, to find your socks, to see what that thing that touched your face was???

  8. What do you think is the most essential piece of camping equipment and why?
    a torch………….who wants to trip up over the pegs on a midnight trip to the loo??

  9. Matches or a lighter, because with those you can see AND cook both being massive needs when camping

  10. Hand sanitiser because you can’t tuck into the campfire sausages before washing your hands :D

  11. It’s impossible to pick just one essential for camping as there are soooo many essentials; tent, sleeping bag, cook equipment, then the little things: torch, matches, bacon and eggs, etc. I suppose I would choose the bacon… the smell of it frying early in the morning – it makes my camping trip!

  12. Babywipes, they have so many uses, wiping hands and other things, getting mud off clothes, wiping plates for repacking before washing x

  13. Sleeping bag, if you have a good nights sleep you can cope with what the day brings. (well that’s the theory anyway)

  14. an inflatable mattress – believe me, you wouldn’t want to meet me when I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep and for some reason when I enter a tent I get a dose of Princess-and-the-pea-itis

  15. Insect Repellent. I think I was one of the only people who brought insect repellent when I worked for camp america and I was one of the only people who never got bitten all summer :)

  16. Got to be toilet roll but very closely followed by wipes, torch, decent sleeping bag, insect spray etc !!!!

  17. A roll up mat under the sleeping bag.Nothing worse than waking up with a sore back from laying on hard ground

  18. ear plugs and eye mask. To drown out other people’s noise and to stop sun waking me at crack of dawn

  19. A swiss army knife and some good socks! Always handy for cold nights and if you’re really caught short then the swiss army knife can help you dig a hole!!!

  20. A lighter is essential…I don’t smoke but you always need a quick easy way to get a fire/stove going that can’t get wet! Second is definitely corkscrew/bottle opener!

  21. A kettle, lighter and toilet paper, I’m not the same without my morning cuppa, a lighter would come in handy for so many things, like starting a fire and toilet paper as I need comfort for my bum…!!!

  22. Plastic bags – there’s always a use for a plastic bag when camping. Dirty clothes, clean clothes, rubbish….

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