How to train your hubby to do the School Run!

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We started back to school last week, thank god as I was on my knees and desperate to have routine back!  As I work in teacher training the first couple of days back are usually busy form me, with INSET days, so I left hubby to do the school run.  It’s one of the positives of him working from home, so he’s able to help out and often does the morning run.

As always, the night before I set everything out; a new Asda George School Pinafore, pristine white socks, Polo Shirt, brand spanking new Kicker School Shoes from Cloggs (no need to polish), Cardigan, the correct Days of the Week Pants (Wednesday), Book Bag and PE Kit.  I thought I was fail safe, it was all strategically placed in the lounge so no need to find anything, all he had to do was get her dressed, brush her teeth and hair and make sure she didn’t have any toothpaste on her chin a baby wipe would have sufficed.

To the untrained eye, it will look like he did a pretty good job, she’s all smiles, dressed and at the correct classroom. However, I asked him to snap a photo of the momentous first day of Year 2, which he text to me during the day.  But after closer scrutiny I noticed a few things.

School Run Tips for Dad

The socks were fairly obvious and made me chuckle, they’re called knee socks for a reason and it isn’t that difficult to say ‘pull your socks up’.  The headband is a dead giveaway that he didn’t brush her hair and in fact, I’m confident she must have done it herself.  She often does this to avoid the dreaded mats, by simply pulling it into a pony tail and taming her fringe with a hair band, which really isn’t a problem, but makes it doubly hard to brush the following day.

As for brushing her teeth and washing her face, you can’t tell from the photo, but he hasn’t done it in the last two years so right in assuming it wasn’t done that morning.  It’s not the end of the world, but with new teeth coming in it’s important she learns to care for them as she won’t be getting a new set.

School Backpack - PE Kit

I also noticed that there is no sign of her new School Bag, it really isn’t hard to miss, that we have for her PE Kit, sadly our required PE kit will not fit into a drawstring bag.  Our kids have PE twice a week, one indoor and the other outside so we have quite a kit list and needed a slightly larger bag.  And what happened to her book bag, it took me ages to find the damn thing?

To be fair, I wouldn’t have expected him to iron her polo shirts, but they had come straight out of the bag and when she took her pinafore off that evening it still had the ‘just out of the package’ creases on it.

I shouldn’t give him such a hard time.  He did manage to get her there on time.  Bless!  I’m just sad I missed her first day of Year 2!  Where is the time going?


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