Loophole 2 for 1 London Attractions

I can’t believe how much it costs for a family day out!  However, with a bit of research courtesy of Google I found a way to save a few pounds.  I hope this helps you save a few pennies and enjoy a great day out with your family.

At the moment there are loads of 2 for 1 offers on London Attractions if you travel to London by train (London Aquarium, London Zoo, Madame Tussauds, London Dungeon, etc).  However, if you’re not travelling into London by train and want to take advantage of the deal there is a loophole.  All you need to do is to buy a single ticket (e.g. from Vauxhall to Waterloo) which will only cost a couple of quid.  You can do this either at the station or online.  Do note that underground tickets are not accepted.

We went to the London Aquarium this morning and took advantage of this and saved £20.50.  As there is no congestion charge on weekends we decided to drive as it was the cheapest option.  We were able to park at the foot of the London Eye at the Apcoa Parking on Belvedere Rd.  It would have cost £46 if we took the train (£30 in train fares and £16 entrance fee).  To drive, it cost £25.50 (£7.50 for 2 hrs parking, £16 for entry, £2 for single train fare, plus a bit of diesel).

We really enjoyed the Aquarium but to be honest if we paid the full price we would have been disappointed!  Sadly, we blew the savings on a couple of hotdogs on the river bank.

Quick..what can I do to these pork chops for dinner???

@misterphipps English mustard and brown sugar. Grill. Great on Pork Chops!

@flossiebella best chops recipe ever – grill then spoon of apple sauce & grated strong cheddar on each & grill until cheese bubbles. Heaven!

@MissKatiana2 or if it nor been said, mix some paxo & put that on top & grilll!!

@pennynash or maybe grill them and then put apple sauce on top and then melt cheese on top of that

@p1tsy Olive oil, salt & pepper, under hot grill both sides till cooked thru? Serve with apple sauce if u have mash & veg & some gravy

@OMGLOLOMG dip in egg cover in breadcrumbs and put in oven…yummy

@BubblyNatz you chop n onion into rings, sprinkle oxo on top of chops then onion, then whole toms(tinned) top with stuffing and bake!

@Davidintruder grill them with sliced apples desert apples will do few peas and boiled spuds on the side and a drop of gravy simples x

@fi69 drizzle with oil and sage if you have it. Grill. Fry some apple slices in butter. ta-da!

@GeoffDicks grill or bake then with some sliced apple underneath…. dab of honey on top?

@Tinybikerchick I’m having cheesy mash n gravy with my pork chops grilled

What is API and What you can do about it?

What is API?

I’m not going to tell you what API stands for because you really don’t need to know.  What you do need to know is that you only get 150 an hour and if you use them all up, you end up in #twitterjail and you won’t be able to tweet until the hour is up.

This is not a problem if you are using the web (twitter.com) as it does not have limits.  But if you’re using 3rd party clients like Tweetdeck you may find that you run out of API.   Every time Tweetdeck contacts Twitter to send or receive your tweets it uses up your API.

What can you do about it?

Firstly go into settings in Tweetdeck.  It’s the spanner in the top right corner.

1.)    In the general tab make sure you tick ‘Open Profiles in a Web Page’ (saves on API calls)

2.)    Change your Twitter API settings, by clicking and drag the slide rule.  I tend to run mine at about 50%.  I dramatically reduce how often I get DMs (10 mins) cause I don’t tend to DM very often.

3.) You may also want to check your settings on Twitter.com to see if anything is connected to your account as it will drain API as well.

I hope this helped a bit.  As you all know I tweet like a trooper and have only ever been in #twitterjail once!

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous here are more advance ideas for tweaking your settings.

How To Configure TweetDeck To Save API Drain And Engage With Your Followers – Twittercism

Good luck

Fancy Dress Faux Pas!

Last week I made a little faux pas during #fancydressfriday. As usual, late Thursday night I was busy throwing together a last minute outfit for the competition.  I posted the picture Friday morning and left it up to my followers to have a guess.  I had loads of guesses from Figs to Oreo cookies.  @toddylass quickly came up with the correct answer, which was the lost TV Remote.

I didn’t think another thing about it until about an hour before the competition when @helen_b pointed out that on her iphone I looked like a Giant Vagina (she used much more colourful language)!  OMG she was so right and she wasn’t the only one who thought this!  My unpolluted mind hadn’t clocked it.

What do you see?

This week I’m going to be much more careful and may have my outfit vetted first.


A while back, I asked on Twitter what was good for children with dicky tummies and diarrhea and @mamablahblah came back with this great acronym. Thought I’d share it with you!



Apple Sauce


When you’re little one is sick it may be difficult to get them to eat, but these foods are bland and may help bung them up a bit.