Buying Shoes for Your Baby or Toddler

The baby and toddler shoe market can often be overwhelming and confusing for a new parent.  Tiny baby shoes are often given as gifts to newborns, yet parents are advised not to put shoes on children until they are walking.  Conflicting advice and advertising can make it hard to decide what is right for a child.

It is generally agreed that newborns will only need a foot covering for warmth.  Newborns are always lying down, being carried or being held.  Their feet do not touch the floor for the first few months and their legs and feet are not yet strong enough to bear their full weight.


Once children are crawling, they very often learn to stand at around the same time.  Pulling themselves up and moving from table to sofa whilst supporting themselves (known as cruising) usually follows quickly after crawling.


At this stage, parents may consider protecting the developing feet of their child with pre- walker baby shoes.  These usually have a soft sole, soft sides and back and often resemble a leather slipper rather than a rigid shoe.  These shoes are ideal to protect your baby’s foot on indoor surfaces, and even outside on gentle or yielding surfaces such as grass or sand.  Very often these baby shoes are made to fit a child from birth to ten months.  Some parents choose not to buy their children shoes at all until they are fully walking, but this is often a personal preference rather than a medical matter. Vertbaudet the online children’s specialist has a range of shoes for newborns and toddlers that are comfy, practical yet stylish to sure you little one’s feet are taken care of.  Pre-walking infant shoes are often lace-ups or a full shoe to cover the complete foot.  This ensures they stay on the foot.

Once children are fully weight bearing, that is able to stand fully on their own, they will not be far from talking their first steps.  First step shoes are an in-between shoe.  Firmer than soft crawling shoes, they are not as rigid as shoes for the busy walker.  Soft trainer-style shoes are the usual way forward, with firmer soles that can be worn outside on any surface and yet do not feel too hard against a child’s growing soft feet.  Laces are frequently used as a way of keeping the shoe on the foot.  A walking child just out of the crawling stage may still be spending time in a pushchair or even a sling, and so First Step baby shoes do not need to be as heavy duty as a shoe for a child who walks for the majority of the time.  However, it is still important to buy the right size and measuring is important.

Measuring service in stores

Many high street shoe shops offer a thorough measuring service and it is useful to remember that width is as important as length.  There is no obligation to buy in the store that measures your child’s foot if a better fitting pair can be found elsewhere.

Once a child is walking longer distances and spending less time in a pushchair, it is time to graduate to a walking shoe.  It is at this stage that measuring and re-measuring becomes essential.  Shoes for the walking child are more rigid and supportive both at the sides and at the back.  A child who is just walking is also still growing, so it is best to be prepared to buy new shoes with regularity when first starting out.  Feet should be measured every six to eight weeks.

Children’s shoes often need replacing frequently as their feet grow, but this does slow down in time.  From baby shoes to walking shoes, what could be more important than giving a child the best start in life as their adventures begin?

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Weekend away with the girls!

I’m so excited I can barely contain myself.  It’s a friend of mine’s 40th this weekend and we’re off to Norfolk to spend the weekend in a Barn.  No partners or kids, just 10 crazy women!!!  I anticipate a lot of carnage. I first met my mate back in 1997 in a hostel in New Zealand, she was loud and obnoxious so I was obviously drawn to her and we’ve remained good friends ever since.  We’ve had some mad times.

She’s laying on all the food and booze.  The only things I need to do are pack my bags, drive to Norfolk and buy her a pressie.  My first instinct was to buy her something funny, the last gift I got her was a blow up doll called ‘Mustafa Shag’, but my practical side took over.  Joke gifts are only funny for the first 5 minutes and then they get relegated to the loft.

The folks at, contacted me and asked if I would try out their new service.   It’s a search engine that takes the guesswork out of giving; it asks you a few questions (age, sex, likes) about the person you are buying for and then suggests, you guessed it….15 gifts!  If you don’t like what it suggests you just delete the choice and it suggests something else.

What I liked about it is it offered practical, good quality gifts that I wouldn’t have thought of in the first place.  It had some lovely wine accessory kits, cheese boards with groovy knives, good quality pots and pans and some cool gadgets.  However, in the end, I went for the Free Trade Alpaca Slippers.  It seemed fitting for a 40th.  Fingers crossed they arrive in time.  I can’t wait to see her face.

They’ve also asked me to let you know about their launch competition they’re running to find the “worst Christmas gift ever”, the winners will receive a gift with a value of up to £200 worth, and the competition closes the 26th Nov 2010. I’m an ex-primary school teachers so can totally relate to it.  I wish I had some photos that I could enter.

Disclosure:  I received the Alpaca Slippers in return for writing this post