Don’t fancy letting your kids at your iPad?

My daughter has been flying around my iphone since she was about 2.  It’s loaded up with tons of fantastic educational games for her.  However, there are times when I need to use my phone for work, but I also need her to be quiet in the background when I’m trying to make calls which can be a conundrum  There is nothing worse than talking to a head teacher or potential client and she shouts loudly that she needs a POO!  It’s not the professional air that I want to give off!  ;-)

So, this is why I was so pleased when the lovely Kirit from out local toy store Cuthbert’s offered us a vetch Mobigo Touch Learning System which retails for £49.99 to review.  It’s a handheld device for children 3-8 years of age, similar to a DSI, which in fact is what my daughter calls it, that is touch sensitive.

Ours came with the Disney Princess Cartridge which had 6 different games which teaches everything from colours, counting letters, shapes, and matching.  If I’m completely honest my daughter, who is four, struggled with the activities as it didn’t seem to respond to her touch which left her frustrated.  I had a go myself at connecting the dots (pearls) and I couldn’t do it either.

However, once I realised you could download other games from the Learning Lodge, that were more age appropriate, she was much happier with it.  It was very straight forward to register for the Learning Lodge and to download games.  I had a wee hiccup with Flash but we sorted it quickly.  Plus, the Mobigo comes with 3 tokens which entitles you to 3 games which normally cost £2.99 each.  I opted for Monkey Disco, Shopping Spree and Rapid Recycling.

Unfortunately, shortly after the arrival of the Mobigo I received an iPad for my birthday and it has superseded the Mobigo for the time being.

I would never suggest buying an iPad for a preschooler as it’s far too expensive and fragile.  Yes, apps are cheaper than the learning lodge games but the outlay for the iPad is about ten times as much as the Mobigo.   If you purchased an iPad and 10 apps it would cost you in excess of £500; now if you purchased the Mobigo and 10 games it would set you back about £60.  It’s a no brainer really.

The Mobigo is a good alternative and would be a great Christmas present.

Thanks Kirit!








The Key to Solving Mysterious Car Crime

My car was broken into a few months back.  It took me a few minutes to work it out but when I jumped in I noticed that the glove box etc was all open and then it dawned on me.  The bastards had stolen my satellite navigation.  Please, no lectures about leaving it in the car.  We have a built in one that doesn’t work, so I’d thought they’d see that and not think that we had a portable one.  I think the ring on the windscreen was a dead give-away.

I contacted the police and insurance company and as usual it would cost me more on my insurance to replace it than to just by a new one.  They sent the CSI out to finger print the car and me, I was hoping for Nick Stokes but no luck.  Strangely there was no sign of a break in and I was convinced that I’d locked it.  However, as a busy mum I started to doubt myself and hubby definitely didn’t believe me either.

The police officer did say that nowadays criminals don’t need to break windows or jam locks as there are devices out there that allow them to get into cars without damaging them.  I thought he was just trying to make me feel better.  Until I read this:

Click image to enlarge

I find the thought of someone lurking and using a device to jam the fob quite unnerving and if I’m honest with myself it is very unlikely that this is what happened.  My only advice is to make sure you here the CLUNK before you walk away from your car!