The perfect thank you gift for teachers

Where has the time gone!  First year of school done!

It’s almost the end of my daughters 1st year at school, where has the time gone.  It seems like  yesterday that we were walking to school for the first time!  Now the conversation in the play ground has turned to ‘what to buy the teacher as an end of year thank you present?’

Hopefully her teacher doesn’t read my blog or I’m about to spoil her surprise. We’ve been very lucky this year with our daughters teacher, she’s amazing, I’ve never seen some one with so much enthusiasm who obviously loves her job.

We’ve watched our daughter embrace her love of reading going from a non reader to a reader and I’ll miss the days when she no longer wants me to read to her at night, putting herself to bed.  She genuinely loves school and runs through the gate every morning.

There has been whispers about doing a collection for the teacher, but apparently, this is discouraged by senior management as it may put pressure on some families and I totally understand.  I’ve heard of intense competition amongst parents in the playground with large amounts of money being spent on gifts and that’s just not my style, I want my daughter to be involved in the choice of gift, as after all, the teacher has suffered 30 kids, like her, for the past year.  My hat goes off to her!

My daughter’s class is called Butterflies and she wanted to buy her teacher a present related to that theme. As a teacher myself I know that the endless boxes of chocolates rarely leave the staff room, the flowers have nowhere to live and I wanted a more personal, but practical gift that the teacher can use or wine and lots of it!

Gifts for teachers

Coincidentally, I was sent these Butterfly post it notes, a practical gift that the teacher she can use in the class next term, every teacher needs post it notes from marking a page in a book to jotting down notes after listening to a child read of difficult words they need to work on. We’ve stumbled upon the perfect present!

When the chocolate has been eaten and the flowers have wilted, the post it notes will still be there and the tin the post it notes come in can be reused.

Disclosure:  I was sent these post it notes for review purposes, but you have to admit they’re rather fab!

Do you buy presents for your kid’s teachers?  If so what do you suggest?



So why the h*ll is it called a Snood?

I appreciate you can wear it around your neck like a scarf or pull it up over your head like a hoody?  So, why is it not call a Scoody, Hoofy, Scardy, Shoody, Hody, Horf or some other daft combination?  The ‘sn’ bit has me a bit perplexed.  Can anyone shed some light on this?

But who cares about all that, the most important thing is that this Lambswool Snood is keeping me toasty during this cold snap we’re having!  Yes, I’ve been wearing it indoors recently.

Disclosure:  The Snood was compliments of Presents for Men

Between good friends……

If I’m honest, I’d prefer to get experiences as presents rather than gifts.  I know it’s nice to have a little something nice to open under the tree but, we’re not flush by any means, if there is something I want I tend to just go out and buy it myself even if I can’t afford it.

Plus, not being ungrateful, my hubby has a dreadful problem listening or taking subtle hints.  Last year, we went to the shops, I said I’d like a new pair of PJs, and then pointed at a stack of them saying ‘any of these would be fabulous, except those ones’.  Guess which ones he bought?  This is my point exactly.

So, I’m all up for buying experience days as the recipient can choose something of their liking.  Can someone give my hubby a nudge??  Last weekend we had the opportunity to try out a Spa Day for two that included 3 treatments.  No, I didn’t take my husband, but a friend that I’ve been meaning to catch up for ages.

We had an entire day child free, with no interruptions, gassing, being spoiled and laughing a lot.  I saw a few things in the women’s change room that no person should ever have to witness.

We were then led down to the Spa in our fluffy robes and complimentary slippers for our Facials, Massages and Manicures.  The facility was gorgeous; low lightening, relaxing music and the therapists were lovely.


They walked us down a long candlelit corridor to a treatment room at the end.  You should have seen the look of surprise on our faces when we were led into the same room with not one but two treatment beds side by side.  We were going to have our massages half naked right next to each other!  OMG!

Dual Treatment

You have no idea how relieved I was that I took a friend that I’ve known for years and not one of the new mums from school that I’ve recently met, my boss or worse my mother in-law (if she was still with us)!  That would have been incredibly awkward.

Once we got over the initial giggles while side stepping around each half naked and crawling onto the treatment beds, very ungracefully I may add, it was all good.  We quickly forgot that the other person was in the room.  The massage was amazing and my mate said it was the best facial she ever had. Note:  That is not us in the photo.

The rest of the day was spent sitting by the pool, nattering with the odd venture into the Jacuzzi, Pool, Steam room and Sauna.  I took a book but we were so busy catching up I never opened it.

This is an experience the two of us will never forget and I’m sure we will look back on it and giggle for many years to come.

Disclosure:  The Spa Day was courtesy of the





You know you’re posh when….

Apparently, according to my mate, who rubs shoulders with the likes of Meg Matthews (Noel Gallagher’s ex), you’re posh if you have Molten Brown products in your bathroom.

I have finally arrived, thanks to an early Christmas Gift from Molton Brown. Before long I’ll be driving a Landrover that’ll never see any mud, shopping at Waitrose, wearing Green Hunter Wellies and using separate cutlery for guests!

All joking aside, I’m really looking forward to some ‘me’ time over the holidays so I can truly enjoy it. I’m going to use it sparingly so it lasts till next Christmas!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Alpaca Country Socks?  Wine Glass Draining Rack? Pocket Folding Secateurs? Rainbow Coloured Hip Flasks?  Robin’s Eggs Soaps? Quick Drying Hair Turban? Pocket Fishing Rod? Computer Mug Warmer?

I can see why The Handpicked-Collection prides themselves in unusual and inspiring gifts.

I was sent a catalogue to peruse. I really struggled to choose something to review as there were so many things that I wanted.  In the end, I was torn (excuse the pun, you’ll see why) between Herb Cutting Scissors and a Slate Cheeseboard.  I lucked out and they sent me both.

I have no idea why I chose either, as they were rather indulgent, not something I needed but things I’d like to receive as a gift, take note Hubby!  The Herb Cutting Scissors (£9.95) may look naff but I really like them.  As soon as I took them out of the box you could feel the quality.  I used to struggle to cut herbs, at one point I had one of those Herb Rocking Cutters but didn’t get on with it.  These 5 blade scissors do the job in a jiffy!  Plus, I do like gadgets, including those for the kitchen.

I haven’t used the Cheeseboard (£14.95) yet, as we don’t entertain that often, but again the quality is excellent and I can’t wait to impress our next guests when I ply them with cheese and port. Or come to think of it, I have a friend who is a real foodie and this would make the perfect Christmas present for her!  Would it be inappropriate to re-gift it?

If you need some gift ideas for those difficult to buy for people at Christmas, I’d recommend checking out The Handpicked Collection.  They have gifts for everyone including domestic goddesses, keen cooks, bookworms, gardeners and trend setters starting from as little as £2.95.

Disclosure:  Guessing it’s a no brainer, but I received the products complimentary in return for this post.