Ipad Apps for Kids: Jellybean Count

I absolutely love this Ipad app, Jellybean Count and to boot, it’s FREE!  It was recommended by my mate Danny Nicholson from The Whiteboard Blog.

Children count the different colour of jellybeans and then use the same number of fingers to input their answers.  For example, if there are 4 green jellybeans, they need to press on the green with four fingers; a very simple introduction to counting.  Plus, when they start to get to larger numbers like 6 they’re introduced to simple number bonds as they have to use 5+1 fingers.  Fantastic!

There is also a mode to have multiple players.

Download it now!

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Iphone Apps for Kids: Pirate Trio Academy

Right from the start I liked the look of the Kids Iphone Apps ‘Love to Count‘ (£2.49) and ‘Shapes & Puzzles‘ (£1.99) from Pirate Trio Academy. Initially I thought they were a bit advanced for Madame, but then I noticed that the Shapes & Puzzles had a special module just for 3 year olds and she loves creating all the pictures using the shapes, great for fine motor skills and shape recognition.

Unfortunately, Love to Count is still a bit advanced for her as she is just coming up to 4 and it involves fractions, number bonds and ordinal numbers. This is not a fault of the developers but I’m sure she’ll grow into it in no time. It’s designed for 4-7 year olds but as an ex-teacher I think it may be more suitable for kids 6-8. It’s still a great app though.

I have 3 promo (free) codes for each of the apps available. It’s basically a first come first serve basis. Leave a comment for me below or tweet me telling me what app you’d like and some way of contacting you and I’ll get them straight over to you.