Iphone Apps for Kids: Pirate Trio Academy

Right from the start I liked the look of the Kids Iphone Apps ‘Love to Count‘ (£2.49) and ‘Shapes & Puzzles‘ (£1.99) from Pirate Trio Academy. Initially I thought they were a bit advanced for Madame, but then I noticed that the Shapes & Puzzles had a special module just for 3 year olds and she loves creating all the pictures using the shapes, great for fine motor skills and shape recognition.

Unfortunately, Love to Count is still a bit advanced for her as she is just coming up to 4 and it involves fractions, number bonds and ordinal numbers. This is not a fault of the developers but I’m sure she’ll grow into it in no time. It’s designed for 4-7 year olds but as an ex-teacher I think it may be more suitable for kids 6-8. It’s still a great app though.

I have 3 promo (free) codes for each of the apps available. It’s basically a first come first serve basis. Leave a comment for me below or tweet me telling me what app you’d like and some way of contacting you and I’ll get them straight over to you.