299 Steps to Blogging Heaven by Nikki Pilkington

One of the only good things that came out of the Social Media Course fiasco was crossing paths with the lovely and talented Nikki Pilkington, who’s been helping businesses  promote their websites since 1994 and really knows her stuff.  She doesn’t like to call herself a Social Media Marketing Expert but I have to say she’s pretty damn clever.

I managed to blag a copy of her e-Book 299 Steps to Blogging Heaven (£10). It’s an easy read, full of great examples, made me laugh and is not riddled with technical jargon.  I managed to bomb through it in about 45 minutes, but that doesn’t mean it was light on content; as its jammed packed with loads of useful tips.

I was pleased that I was already doing quite a few of the things she was recommending, but by the time I finished reading it, I had a list as long as my arm of things to do on my blog.

She covers everything from:

  • what to write about and what not to write about
  • basics of SEO
  • importance of headers
  • generating key phrases
  • blog design and placement of content
  • recommended plug-ins to make your blogging more efficient
  • driving traffic to your blog
  • guest posting
  • also two very high-profile bloggers make an appearance
  • plus loads more

If you’re a blogger this is a must read!  What are you waiting for?  Off you go and get it.  I’d love to know what you thought so please do leave a comment.