I’m Getting Crafty! Monster Cards

I was kicked up the backside inspired by @redtedart to get crafty.  Joking aside she’s helping me get more Crafty with Madame.  She suggested we make some Thank you Monster cards for her Birthday presents.  As usual, I cheated and used self-adhesive googly eyes and geometric shapes.  It was great fun and dead easy!  What do you think of our efforts?  My only suggestion is to address the envelopes before you put the lumpy bumpy cards in them!

I now have the biggest tub of self-adhesive geometric shapes and could use your suggestions (Crocodiles, Snakes, Whales).  This is all I’ve come up with so far!  Guess which one I made?

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6 thoughts on “I’m Getting Crafty! Monster Cards”

  1. I love your monsters. How about making a town? All those squares and triangles will make cute houses.

  2. Nice work!! I'm flying solo with my boys today and I think this will be on the list of time fillers… My 4yo is really into art at the mo so this is an ideal activity!

  3. Love love love your cards! Your such an easy person to "coach" as all our stuff is BRILLIANT! Hooray!

    Maggy xx

    (I think the eye dress is myfavourte!)

  4. You can use the sticky eyes and shapes on all sorts of materials. Try pipecleaner animals, woollen monsters the possibilities are endless. Try taking old photographs and jazzing them up a little. Or using magazine cuttings and make the pictures look funky! Make a collage.

    I think these are great. If you get some coloured sticky glue make a funky splat pattern on a baking tray, sprinkle glitter over the shape, and stick the goggly eyes on it you have a splatter man when you leave it to dry over night. Great for sticking on patio doors etc.

    Thanks for sharing youve inspired me too :-) KC xx

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  5. We love those adhesive shapes, and any other form they come in (bugs and butterflies are also very popular with Princess). Googly eyes do not last very long in this house as they tend to get used up in the quantities seen above.

    Love the cards, and yes, always address enveopes first LOL

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