How to Annoy Rich People

We don’t normally shop at Waitrose, cause quite frankly as a family we can’t afford it.  However, we do like to pop in now and again to annoy the rich folk!

Author: mediocremum

A slightly older mum of one, who drinks far too much red wine and has an unhealthy obsession with her slow cooker. During the day she's an ICT Trainer, Social Media/Online Marketing consultant and does a bit of public speaking. Full Profile on Google+

13 thoughts on “How to Annoy Rich People”

  1. That’s so cute. She could take part in a super-trolley-dash for tv. Win everything she puts in the trolley. We only have children’s trolley’s in Boots here it’s a shame because it would make shopping soooooo much easier. Hey theres a business idea – lets market it and reap the rewards ;-) xx

  2. I wish our Waitrose had mini-trolleys, my little girl would love that, and I would love watching her drive in into the legs of all the snotty rich people in there, whilst I stood by and aid an innocent *sorry*! As a sidenote, have you ever noticed how dolled up people get to go shopping in Waitrose? Designer clothes, hair done and a full face of make up, and that’s just the octogenarians!

  3. When my son was little, we’d walk through the market and he’d always point to the wine aisle and say, “Mommy’s juice.”
    I was half mortified and half proud he could formulate a two-word sentence…

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