The Correct Way to Give Change

This really winds me up…..

When I pop into a shop, it’s usually because I’ve forgotten something; I normally have Madame in tow, often carrying a scooter, laden with shopping bags, my Iphone and/or my wallet in hand. So, when they give me my change like this, I end up having to drop everything, because it takes two hands to slide the change off the bills, deposit them in my pocket and then separate the bills from the receipt and tuck them away safely.  Then I have to start the whole process of loading myself up again like a nomadic traveller when the seasons change.

Why can’t they give me my change like this…

Then I could deal with it one handed, slip the change into my pocket, then the bills without having to put everything down and be out of their way much faster.

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Author: mediocremum

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7 thoughts on “The Correct Way to Give Change”

  1. Many times I’ve dropped the coins they pass over on top of the notes as I scrabble to get everything swiftly out of the next persons way!

  2. I tend to put everything down on the counter, including the change I have been given & slowly put it in my purse, apologise to the person behind for keeping them waiting whilst I sort said change. Pick up the rest of my stuff & then go. It’s great watching the cashiers face

  3. I know this is a common thing but personally it works for me; I use the note to slide the coins into the coin part of my purse and the put the note in the back.

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