Struggling to read messages on your phone?

I thought this was pure genius so I wanted to share it with you.  I’m now in my 40s and a few months ago I started noticing that I was struggling to read text messages on my iPhone.  I was having to progressively hold my phone farther and farther away until it came into focus.

Oh the joys of getting older!

However, I noticed a friend had rather large text on her phone the other night, so I had a little look in the settings and worked out what she had done.

These are instructions for an iPhone.

How to change font size on an iphone

Go into Setting>General>Accessibility

The select Large Text and choose the font size you would like but don’t go to mad or anyone in a mile radius will be able to read your texts.  I chose 20pt and it’s making the world of difference.

Hope this helps in some way.




The Correct Way to Give Change

This really winds me up…..

When I pop into a shop, it’s usually because I’ve forgotten something; I normally have Madame in tow, often carrying a scooter, laden with shopping bags, my Iphone and/or my wallet in hand. So, when they give me my change like this, I end up having to drop everything, because it takes two hands to slide the change off the bills, deposit them in my pocket and then separate the bills from the receipt and tuck them away safely.  Then I have to start the whole process of loading myself up again like a nomadic traveller when the seasons change.

Why can’t they give me my change like this…

Then I could deal with it one handed, slip the change into my pocket, then the bills without having to put everything down and be out of their way much faster.

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How to Fake a British Accent?

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I’m Canadian but have been living in the UK for 11 years and prior to that I lived in New Zealand for a couple of years and dated an Irish guy.  Over time my accent appears to have morphed.  When I’m in England, I don’t go a day without someone asking me where I’m from and when I go home to Canada I get the same question and when I reply ‘from here’ I always get very odd looks. 

I can assure you that this happened naturally and wasn’t a conscious effort as I don’t have time and energy for such things and if you’ve ever heard me try to copy an accent I inevitably sound like a British Taxi Driver (can I say that???) no matter what dialect I’m having a go at. 

To be honest I don’t like that it has changed. It’s not because I was particularly fond of my Canadian accent, eh, but I hate when people accuse me of putting on a phony British accent. 

So what, do you think???