What does your iphone say about you?

My hubby was given a hand me down iphone3, which we were very grateful to receive. However, as usual I was left to sort it out. Bless him, he can barely send emails with attachments.

Long story short after nearly bricking it, we had to have it unlocked and I was told under no circumstance should I update it and guess what I did? Anyhow, I managed to get it sorted. But, what I found interesting was the content of the phone prior.

My mate, who gave us the phone, is a food technologist. The phone was full of food type apps; Waitrose, nutrition calculators, shopping lists etc. It made me wonder what our phones/ipads say about us.

I’m not a huge fan of memes but would love to know what








phones says about them!  Plus, it’s a great way to share good apps.

According to my phone I’m a social media addict! For Christsake, I have a separate folder for it with 3 twitter apps!


I’m a mum! Phone has been a godsend, especially when you want one more sneaky drink in the pub.

Lastly, I’m a Libra, slightly OCD and possibly anal. I have at least 8 folders on the first screen! Check out the categories: travel, entertainment, blogging, social media etc. I do worry myself sometimes.

Even if I haven’t tagged you do join in!  If you’ve never done a meme before, basically you write a post similar to this, link back here and then tag a few friends.

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9 thoughts on “What does your iphone say about you?”

  1. Hmmm, what does my phone say about me?

    Well, in the bar at the bottom, I have 3 folders…1 for all phone stuff (making calls, texts settings as well as Safai and iPod), 1 for social media (Twitter, Facebook, Skype, YIM, Miso, etc) and finally one for blogging (Evernote, BlogPress, Audioboo, Tumblr)

    The pages are sorted as follows:

    1 – Orange Details (Network provider apps), Gulcose Buddy (Diabetes app), Dropbox
    2 – Lots of games!!
    3 – Utilities, Reference books, Cookery apps, Shopping apps, Art apps

    Not really sure what that says about Yam :c)

    1. If you hold down the home button…circle button on bottom middle…then touch the sleep button on the top right it will take a screen shot of it…does that make any sense??? Then it puts it in the library and you can upload as usual..please ask if you get stumped.

  2. Interesting…..

    I think I have gone a bit OCD since they introduced folders. In total my iPhone has 17 folders.

    My home screen has the apps outside of folders that I use most, and also the folders with other useful / often used apps Including:

    – Photo Social
    – News
    – Travel
    – Social
    – Photography

    My main twitter app is one of the 4 at the bottom….but in total having a total of 132 apps on my phone probably says i’m an app addict!

  3. Hmm I use a Blackberry and am a die-hard Blackberry fan so that tells you all you need to know about me! As for the iPad that’s not a fair reflection because it has totally been hijacked by the little one and I never use it any more!

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