Iphone Apps for Kids – Pocket Playhome

Pocket Playhome (available from iTunes for £1.49)

I know this app was designed for kids but my mate and I, both circa 40, had a scream playing with it. It’s a virtual doll house where you can move around the house, turn the lights on and off, fry an egg, open the fridge, flick the TV on, flush the toilet, open the blinds etc. Being juvenile we spent most of the time trying to kill the fish and getting the entire family to jump up and down in the cot!

Not sure what my daughter thinks yet because…erm….she hasn’t had much time to play with it because we’ve been hogging it.

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So overall here is what we thought:

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    1. It’s aimed from 2-8. My daughter is 4 next week and likes it. I’ll send you a code via DM on twitter. I’d love to know what she thinks.

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