What the h*ll is Geocaching?

GeocachingThe best way I can describe it is an outdoor treasure hunt using GPS.  You download an app onto your phone, which is £6.99 from the iTunes Store but the rest is free. Then you navigate to the location of the cache (container) and hopefully find it.

Inside the container, depending on the size as they range from the size of a credit card to a large bin, is usually a log book, pencil and possibly a toy.  You are allowed to take the toy if you leave one of equal or greater value.

We went on our first geo-cache this weekend and it was brilliant.  As it was our first and to avoid disappointment we decided to try one that was local to us, had a low difficulty rating, checked that it had been found recently and that it was a reasonable size.  Our 4 year old daughter was transfixed by the map the entire walk there.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find it.  I was sure we were in the right location as I checked the photos and hints.  We must have looked like a right bunch of nutters ferreting around in the bushes as this one was fairly public.  We looked and looked and looked but no luck.  Coincidentally, a family came by who had found it a couple of weeks prior and confirmed that we were actually in the right place but sadly, it looks like someone took it.

Our daughter was very disappointed, but luckily the app has a ‘find another cache nearby’ option so we found another one tout de suite.  It was a bit tricky to find as it was a micro cache, but hubby pulled one out of the bag and found it.  Phew!

The only problem was that the toys that our daughter had brought to give away wouldn’t fit so we had to make a quick dash to the local toy store to find something small enough.

We are seriously hooked, it’s a fantastic way to get out as a family, learn stuff, get fresh air and it’s all free, well, except for the app.









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5 thoughts on “What the h*ll is Geocaching?”

  1. Good fun isn’t it! We had our first Geocache a couple weeks ago. Awesome fun. You meet some crazy people doing it. It’s worth notin that if you have an android phone there’s a free app you can download, but also on the iPhone there’s garmins opencache, which is free but uses a different cache database so there are limited caches on it.

  2. This is awesome. We are recent converts to geocaching as well and I find it a great way to sepnd time with the children and get out of the house. Happy hunting! Jamie

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  4. We’ve been hooked for a while now, and have also placed a few locally. My son is addicted, daughter not quite so impressed with it!

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