Slow Cooker Sunday – 2 June 2012

Thanks to Slow Cooker Sunday last week, I was inspired to make Falafel’s.

I was absolutely stunned that this worked. It defies the law of slow cooking, how did they brown on both sides without flipping?

I originally found this Falafel Recipe at Stephanie Odea’s A Year of Slow Cooking. Yes, she used her slow cooker for an entire year; I thought I had an unhealthy relationship with my slow cooker.

She suggested mashing the chickpeas with a fork and then pouring the mixture of lemon, egg, spices etc on top and mix. As usual, I cut corners and just threw all the ingredients into my food processor, chopped and then formed into balls.

When she said ‘dip’ in the oil, I took that as coating both sides of the flattened balls in the oil in the slow cooker.


They were a bit dry if I’m honest, I think I may have cooked them a bit too long. Nevertheless, we quickly rectified that with a huge dollop of Greek Yoghurt. We will definitely be having them again.

Feel free to share your own Slow Cooker Recipes by simply adding a link to your blog/website or alternatively, leave your recipe in the comment section below.


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3 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Sunday – 2 June 2012”

  1. Very interested to read your ideas……I love my slow cooker but perhaps have a simpler approach. I roast a chicken in mine. Pop in in the slow cooker (sometimes atop an onion) for 8 hours on low (ensure you pre heat as per instructions). You need tongs to get it out. The juices that come out are good for gravy. We serve with a tomato flavoured cous cous but you could do potato (roast or not). The meat is so soft no carving is required.

    I also like chicken cooked in weight watchers (yes in the jar) sauce – put chicken add dauce cook 8 hours but this might not qualify as a recipe. Neither I guess would the schwartz chilli powder – add it, plus 1 table spoon flour and tin kidney beans and mince. For 8 hours on low. Break up the meat a bit When cooking nears end.

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