Introducing My New Slow Cooker Blog

I finally decided to take the plunge and start a new blog just for my slow cooker recipes. I was very conscious that I may be confusing my readers.

Those who subscribed just for recipes may not be interested in my parenting antics and those who were coming to laugh at my parenting ability (or lack of) and didn’t have a slow cooker, may not be interested in all the recipes.

Don’t worry if you have any of my old recipes bookmarked as they will stay put, but any new recipes will be posted on Slow Cooker Queen. So, feel free to pop over and subscribe to the new blog. I’d love to hear any of you feedback both positive and negative.


Slow Cooker Recipe Blog

As for the name, Slow Cooker Queen, I genuinely don’t believe I’m royalty but on a few occasions I’ve been called this on Twitter so it seemed fitting and I’m always tickled when people do say it.

Thanks again for all your support and I do hope to see a few of you over there.

Cheers,  Chrissie