Win a Wall Mural worth up to £500 from Photowall

Decorating Children’s Rooms and Nurseries using Murals

Like most first time mums, prior to my daughter being born nearly six years ago I set about decorating her room nursery.  I opted for a fairly simple colour scheme, with a neutral caramel colour on the walls, white units and cream carpets as I thought it would grow with her.  I didn’t want to do anything too babyish as she would grow out of it quickly.

However, it now looks rather tired and if I’m honest it’s a tad boring and doesn’t reflect her personality.  In addition, her room is tiny, so we’re currently planning on redecorating it.  To increase the floor space in the room we are opting for a high single bed and will paint the walls white to give the optical illusion that it’s bigger.

She also has a cast iron fire surround in her room.  I would really like to make that a feature wall.  While I was putting this competition together I fell in love with these three Children’s Patterned Murals from Photowall (Candy Fish, Lucky Ladybug and Secret Garden).  They’re not too girlie-pink, more sophisticated for a young lady and would be fun to accessorize.

Wall murals for kid's bedrooms

For a chance to win a wall mural from Photowall worth up to £500, simply use the rafflecopter form below.  Full terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the form.  But in short it’s open to UK residents aged 18+.

Good luck!

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255 thoughts on “Win a Wall Mural worth up to £500 from Photowall”

  1. Keep changing my mind but ata the moment I would love to have “Himalaya” hanging on the living room wall

  2. Green path, is very relaxing and zen, I would love it in my. living room, come home from work slump onto my sofa and chill looking at the mural, happy days

  3. I would choose the ‘Out of this World’ football mural for my two boys bedroom which has a football theme…. fab designs x

  4. Difficult decision! I love the sea landscapes but also had the idea of a world map and I could tag all the places on my bucket list and those I had visited

  5. I’d choose WHITE HORSES as my daughter is going to Lipica stud farm next week to see the Lipizzaner stallions and this would remind her of the holiday for years to come!

  6. Happy Jungle Animals is gorgeous. I would love it for the nursery we are creating for our baby who won’t be too long

  7. They all look so nice, but I think I would choose sunbeam through the trees for my hallway and stairs. The hall and stairs in our house are very narrow and dark and this would really make them feel much more spacious.
    I’d like a seascape for our bedroom as well!

  8. I would go for the Bluebell Woods and put it in my bedroom. Running through the bluebells woods when I was a little girl brings back so many wonderful happy memories. Having this mural in my bedroom would make me fall asleep and then wake feeling happy!

  9. It’s difficult to choose but I really love the Blue Brooklyn Bridge Through Window mural so I’d probably choose that one :)

  10. There are so many beautiful ones to choose from. I would probably put Blooming Cherry Tree at the top of the stairs.

  11. I would choose the Graffiti in Manhattan one for one of the boys rooms. We are massive fans of graffiti art so this would be perfect

  12. So hard to choose but with a new baby I would go for Happy Jungle Animals and pop it up in his nursery, lovely.

  13. Wooden Pier at Morning, i would place it in my study nice and relaxing to look at when im working.

  14. What a tough decision, I could have picked something off each page. After giving it considerable thought though I think emmmmmmmm I would love Violet Poppy Harmony in my Living Room :D

  15. It would be either the Solar System for my two boys, or the Unicorns in the woodlands for my two girls! It would be so hard to choose but we did my daughters room up last, so it would be my sons turn to have something so epic in their room! :-D

  16. Ooh, wall murals! I’m glad I found a term for them, I’ve long desired one of these for my bedroom!
    I’ll have to go back later to look at the rest of them, but out of all I’ve seen, the Antique Map (Henricus Hondius) is my favourite.

  17. I’d love the Sunbeam through Trees in my sitting room. It’d be like living in my own forest!

  18. I love all the forest ones, hard to choose! I’d put it on my bedroom wall to add to the ‘camping out’ feeling I get from sleeping with the window wide open all year round!

  19. This is very pretty. I think my niece would love it and, as she will soon have a new bedroom in a new house, I think it would be ideal for making it her own.

  20. My great-niece is horsemad already (she’s not 2 yet), so the Waterfall Glade Unicorns would be great for her new bedroom (she’s just moved into a new house).

  21. Monroe Black – My daughter is a great fan and is going to strat university at London School of Fashion this September I’d love to do her wall like this – she is doing a fashion photography degree – I am so proud of her and she is so creative she desrves this

  22. Oh wow there are some amazing ones to choose from i love wall art and have a tree with butterflys on the stairs and a banksi in the living room id love to get this one but my princess just came over and said she loves this one,and then my son comes along (yep here we go AGAIN) and says wow mum thats awesome (hes on about this one) phew *closes the site down before anyone wants to have a look lol* who ever wins will be spoiled for choice. Thank you for the chance x

  23. I would choose the happy jungle animals mural for my baby to be’s nursery. I have already decided on a jungle / animal theme, as we dont want to find out the sex and so need it to be girl or boy suitable.

  24. I’d have the Two Giraffes over Sunrise if I won, prob put it in the frontroom. It’s such a calm peaceful picture x

  25. I love the OHoy but I am not sure how long it would last before everyone started colouring it in both inside and outside the lines and I am seriously tempted by the Old Manuscript Map of World for the study so I can dream of distant shores when I should be working. Too many to choose from and not enough rooms!

  26. We are renovating our home and one room is being made into an ‘blue room’ – very cool and clean. So, i would choose Iceberg Antarctica – it would be perfect:-)

  27. i would chose Gap and it would be for my bedroom, but I could have chosen so many they were all beautiful!

  28. It’s so difficult to choose,thera are so many I like but probably the solar system for my son’s bedroom.

  29. I would probably go for the SUNBEAM THROUGH TREES. Although my other half may have a different opinion Lol

  30. I would make my own one (by using a photo) of my hometown in New Zealand (Mt Maunganui) although my daughter was born in Scotland I’d like her to be able to see part of her roots and heritage everyday!

  31. World in world cloud and I would put it in our lounge/diner and have lots of travel bits and bobs I have collected over the year around to create a travellers haven to remind me of my trips

  32. The water bubbles I think for my son’s bedroom … I’m heading back over to your website now as I want one inn my room too

  33. Rhubarb – Blueberry. This would look perfect in the back room of the house, which is the only room we haven’t decorated yet since moving in.

  34. I would choose the Wonderful World wall mural and I would put it in my girls bedroom, as we are soon to be redecorating it.

  35. I love the Romeo and Juliet mural, it would look lovely in my bedroom as it looks so tranquil and beautiful

  36. Too hard as so many beautiful murals there but tropical sunset is lovely and would be for my living room. Think my other half would choose a different one though lol.

  37. I would choose Brooklyn Bridge through window in Yellow for my daughters room. It would look amazing.

  38. There are so many! And they are gorgeous! So hard to choose. I would go for WINNIE THE POOH – BUTTERFLIES i think. For my girls room :}

  39. Happy Jungle Animals for my 3 month old little girls room as she loves looking at animals

  40. Wow, so many choices, but for the moment I think I’d go for the pink giraffe for my little girl’s room :)

  41. I would choose a Disney one for my daughters room, originally I would have gone for a Princess or Minnie/Mickey one but I have now seen the Peter Pan one and would LOVE to make a whole Disney Fantasy room for her, I think that this will be my next project!!! :)

  42. If I won I’d choose the Disney Bambi mural for the bedroom my daughter and son share, it’s nice and unisex so there would be no fighting about things being too blue or girly and looks so beautiful

  43. I’d choose fluffy clouds for the kitchen – to feel like I was cooking and eating al fresco every day

  44. I would pick the WHITE BRICK GRAFFITI for my sons bedroom. He has just started senior school and is desperate to have a more grown up teenager feel bedroom.

  45. iT WOULD HAVE TO BE Toystory. My little boy’s bedroom is very dull and come do with some “life”!

  46. We recently got married on 10/08/2013 id love to have a custom mural of our wedding day in our living room what a heart stopping day <3

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