Win 4 Tickets to Legoland Windsor Courtesy of Cuthberts Toys

Win 4 Tickets to Legoland Windsor

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Cuthberts Toys  in St Albans and I have written about their excellent customer service on a couple of occasions.  I’ve known Kirit, the owner, for a few years now and he’s just a genuinely nice guy with a great sense of humour.

(A recent tweet from @cuthberts_toys)

Cuthberts Toys St Albans Herts

He runs a great local business, which was much needed in our city centre, selling all the top ranges of children’s toys including Lego, Playmobil, Orchard Toys and Micro-Scooters.  He’s now taking this local business approach online.

To celebrate the launch of his new e-commerce site Cuthberts Toys is offering one of my readers a chance to win 4 tickets to Legoland Windsor.

Win 4 Tickets to Legoland Windsor

To enter simply use the Rafflecopter form below.  Full Terms and Conditions can be found at the bottom of the form but in short it’s open to UK residents aged 18+ and closes on Fri 28th Feb 2014.

Good luck!

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289 thoughts on “Win 4 Tickets to Legoland Windsor Courtesy of Cuthberts Toys”

  1. Fantastic competition… 100% my favourite toy was Lego… and probably still is! I am so glad that the little one has inherited my love for Lego

  2. It had to be my doll that cried and said mama, I think it drove my parents mad but I loved it!

  3. I loved playing with my farm animals, I remember taking them outside in the summer and making a mini farm and fields in the garden

  4. My brother had an Evil Kinevil on a bike, I loved this toy and would happily play stunt man down the stairs whilst her played with my dolls!

  5. My favourite toy was a little white teddy bear I had called Patrick. I used to knit him little tank tops and trousers to wear!

  6. hi i had a ventriloquist dummy that looked like an old man he was called charlie and i put on shows for my grandparents with him :)

  7. I was a pretty girly girl and love my sindy dolls, though I was definitely very find of a good lego challenge.

  8. Mine was Sindy doll (she was special) but then I loved any doll as long as they had hair and lots of it as I loved cutting it all off.

  9. The Game of Life was a favourite board game of mine, other than that I loved those Care Bears, can remember the thrill even now of getting a new one after saving up my pocket money.

  10. I can’t really remember a favourite toy, but I was obsessed with books and read a couple of them a week. If I had to say a toy probably my pony club Lego…

  11. Loved my Sindy dolls they loved hanging out and going on adventures with my brothers Action Man

  12. Fab blog, and i am inspired by your show cooker cooking!! Great competition this week, always wanted to take my 2 little kids legoland!

  13. I had lots of toys as a child but always preferred reading to playing with them, anything by Roald Dahl or Beatrix Potter were my favourites :)

  14. I had a wonderful dolls house, large wooden and heavy to move but with a complete set of furniture and a family too. The lights worked and I remember having to take care to switch them off so the batteries didn’t run out.

  15. Mine was my teddies, as I liked to play vets with them haha. More of an imaginative player lol

  16. It was an early electronic game where there were about six or eight conveyor belts with eggs coming off at various speeds and you had a basket which you had to catch the eggs.

  17. My favourite toy as a child was my marbles. I used to sit outside around the water drain tops rolling my marbles with my friends. It was totally safe years ago but noone would dream of allowing their children to do that now.

  18. My favourite toy was lego, I absolutely love lego so much and so does my seven year old daughter

  19. mine was a big head doll, pull the string and her body wound up whilst saying things like “whoops i lost my head for a moment”

  20. My favourite toys were puppets on strings. My partners & now my kids favourite toys are Lego related. I confess to not being a fan – the little pieces are left on the floor which my feet find. I also confess to being caught out hoovering Lego up – we have a dyson which exposed my crime. My kids and partner deserve a trip to Legoland for having to live with a Lego naysayer and it is a good opportunity for me to atone. :)

  21. I had a little doll who when you pulled its head it spoke. It must have drove the family demented

  22. I loved my girls world head where I could put loads of make up on it and style the hair crazily. I still have it…but my two young sons are not at all interested in it!

  23. I loved my Baby Talk doll :) I think she might still be in the attic at my Mum’s house actually, I’ll have to see if I can dig her out to show my girls! :)

  24. lego! the night before i would make myself a cup of squash, then put it in the freezer ready for the morning, then i would build myself a whole town on the saturday morning whilst drinking my frozen orange juice, i was a stiffler for routine when i was young lol

  25. My favourite toy was my Sindy House loved it so much even though it was bigger than me at the time ..

  26. I loved my paper dolls, I used to make clothes for them. Whatever happened to paper dolls ? Does anyone else out there miss them.

  27. My favourite toys as a child were my Star Wars collection. I am still resent my parents for giving it away!

  28. I loved my tiny tears baby boy doll – so mch I kept him and my 3yr old little boy now plays with him!! :D

  29. being a bit of a tom boy when i was little my 2 favorite things were my technic lego set and my tool box which was great as it had a real saw, hammer, screwdriver etc…. even think my dad still has some of the bits today (80’s Childhood!!). I remember making a little boat which I was extremely proud of.

  30. My favourites were my LEGO train, and my Fabuland (also a type of Lego) sets and characters – played with them for hours!

  31. A lovely toddler-size rocking horse.
    However…. One year, when my dad had been made redundant and money was impossibly tight, he decided to be creative and make my out-grown rocking horse into a hobby horse. Imagine my horror when I woke up on Christmas morning to find a decapitated horse’s head on a stick. I’m still having therapy!

  32. my favourite toy was a ‘wee willie winkie’ beany bodied doll that my mum named wendy. i’ve still got it.

  33. Mine was my Big Yellow Teapot with a little car and garage and a top you could lift up and spin round with all the little people in

  34. I loved my she-ra doll and castle lol xx
    Ooh and I’m sure she ride on a pink animal thing lol xx

  35. My favourite toy has a child was my cabbage patch kid. I called her Carrie-Anne:) Happy memories

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