Can Your Hubby Plait Hair?

Easy Hairs Styles for Girls

Easy 5-in-1 Hairstyle for Girls

I was searching YouTube look for easy girls hairstyles in an attempt to tame my daughter’s hair and I came across a tutorial that purported to be an easy ‘5-in-1 Easy Daddy Do’ pitched at stay at home dads, weekend dads or inept mums like me.

I watched the video and it seemed simple enough and only involved two simple plaits.  Then it got me thinking, could my husband plait hair?  I’m lucky if he gets her to brush her teeth when I’m not around.  But he spent a lot of time sailing and on boats so can tie knots, but could he do a simple plait.

So I set the challenge

I have to say I think he did a pretty good job for a first attempt.  As a mum I have an unfair advantage, I didn’t have my daughter till I was 35 and I’ve pretty much had long hair for most of my life so plaits are second nature.

Simple Plaits for Girls

Easy Hairstyles for Girls

And now that I know he can do it and with a bit of practice this could mean one less job for me.



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