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Gynaecological  Cancer Awareness Month

Sept 2015 was Gynaecological  Cancer Awareness Month and there was some excellent campaigns running.  If you have an Instagram account you may have come across the hashtag #ladygardencampaign, which was a partnership between Top Shop and the Gynaecological Cancer Fund, a new charity with monies going to support research at the Royal Marsden.

The Campaign received a lot of celebrity backing with the likes of Ellie Goulding and Elisabeth Hurley donning jumpers with ‘Lady Garden’ boldly emblazoned on the front.  And the Duchess of York, Fergie lending her support at a Lady Garden Luncheon.

Cancer Awareness Sept 205

The main aim of the campaign hopes to encourage woman to talk more about their bits and become aware of what the symptoms of  Gynaecological Cancer are.  Unlike Breast Cancer and Skin cancer, where physical changes can be detected;  lumps, dimples, discharge, change in moles etc, many of us are not aware of what to watch out for when it comes to the Big 5 Gynaecological Cancers.  Click on the image for more information.

Gynaecological Cancer Awareness
Picture Courtesy of CDC

I thought I would take the opportunity via this Flower Competition to remind my lady friends how important it is to attend regular Cervical Screenings.  It’s not the most pleasant thing in the world, and I can think of a zillion other things I’d rather do,  but early detection is the key to successful treatment.  Most woman don’t get screened before it’s too late and are not diagnosed till stage 4.  With cancer there is no stage 5.  50 Woman a day in the UK are diagnosed with some form of Gynaecological Cancer.

‘too busy to attend her screening and now admits that not going for her smear test is one of her biggest regrets.’  Jenny Croston a 38 year old mother of two

Hopefully this prompts at least one of you to book your screening today.


It’s Give-away Time!

Now it’s your turn enter for a chance to Win £40 to spend on any bouquet from Debenhams Flowers.

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Debenhams Flowers are kindly offering one lucky winner to win a £40 voucher to spend on a bouquet of your choice.

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Good luck.

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147 thoughts on “Win a £40 Bouquet of Flowers from Debenhams”

  1. I would send them to by best friend for her birthday because she is an amazing friend, hardworking police officer and an even harder working mum and she deserves a little treat x

  2. Thanks for the screen reminder,!
    I’d send them to my best friend, my hubby!, to thank him for being a great husband and father! X

  3. To my neighbour as a thank you for looking after our cats. It’s not easy looking after two furry drama queens!!

  4. I would send them to my mum as she has been amazing over the last 5 months as i’ve been dealing with generalized anxiety disorder and not been that much fun to be around.
    But she has been there through everything so would love to say thank you.

  5. My sister- she’s got a lot on her plate at the moment with all the exam revision she’s doing- so proud of her! <3 x

  6. my mother in law, she is one in a million and I cannot begin to thank her for all she has done for me over the years.

  7. I’d send them to my gran as she’s 83 and spends a lot of time in the house, so I think these would really brighten up the place!

  8. My friend Carly because we are both due to give birth this week so I know she is as fed up of waiting as me!!!

  9. My Grandma as I’m always forgetting to ring her back and I want her to know I do think of her.

  10. I’d get flowers for my hubby, he has taken care of me through a difficult pregnancy and now still taking care of me after c section, been so amazing x

  11. I would send them to my my 92 year old mum,she’d be so thrilled,an amazing bouquet for an incredible lady x

  12. My Mium, whose had a tough year one way or another, so these would cheer her up.  :)  Thanks for the chance.  :D

  13. I would send them to my daughter, who is just about to move out, as a house-warming gift and to let her know that whilst she might not longer be in our home she will always be in our hearts.

  14. I would send them to my mum :) she always comes to my rescue and really deserves a lovely treat x

  15. I am going to be truly selfish and send the flowers to myself as I am celebrating 1000 days of happiness !

  16. I would send them to my mum. I graduated on Saturday and she was a fantastic support, more than I ever imagined she would be. I would really love to show her how much I appreciate it.

  17. I would send some to my daughter to say thank you for caring for me since I became ill :) x

  18. my mum i live 3 hours away from her and moving away was the hardest thing i’ve done i see her loads still but i’d love to send her flowers

  19. My Mum who is about to have an operation to have her cataracts removed, so she’ll be able to see the beautiful colours much more clearly

  20. I would send them to my mother in law because she has accepted me into her family and is my new mummy

  21. I would send them to my beautiful mother to say thank you for caring for me and shaping me in to the woman that I am today! x

  22. I would send them to my friend who has been undergoing treatment for cancer, she has not long finished chemo and has a massive op coming up in a couple of weeks time – so they would be perfect to cheer her up whilst she is recovering :)

  23. i would send them to my mum, just to say thank you for all you have done for me over this past year, times have been hard, but you have always been there for me

  24. I would send them to my daughter to say well done on being a single mum and a nurse. She works so hard for herself and her daughter.

  25. I’d love to send my lovely mum some flowers she has been there for me no matter what through some really tough times. Would be great to show her how much she is appreciated x

  26. I would send the flowers to my daughter.  I was ill in bed for several weeks (OK now though)  and she did everything for me.

  27. I would give them to my friend who is a blessing to all that know her, she gives and gives without ever wanting something in return. A truly beautiful person who has the right idea of love

  28. I would send flowers to my wonderful husband as he is my rock and I don’t tell him enough that I love him.

  29. my mam because she looks after my little girl so i can go to work,i wouldnt be able to without her!!

  30. my mother in law, she gaves us a large sum of money towards our wedding, which we are so grateful for!

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